Top Wireless Printers that can be in your Buying consideration

Despite the digital dominance, physical print documents are alive and kicking in a big way.

Authentication of documents is still in the printed formats only. Such being the scenario, the essential peripheral of the computers, tablets, etc., is the printer.

The printing technology also had moved at a reasonable speed. From dot-matrix printing to inkjet printing to laser printing.

The technology has made further inroads that most printing peripherals do three functions: scanning, printing, and copying. They also integrate backwardly to send fax messages(Limited to specific models).

The connectivity has moved to wireless. The coverage range is according to the wi-fi router that you have at home or office. There are numerous models from various reputed manufacturers and assemblers in the market.

Along with a set of tips to buy a wireless printer, we also support your buying process by identifying the top 10 printers for different workload situations of limited range. Most of the demands would be met by these models.

Here is the list that you can study and make the correct decision of buying a printer that would perfectly meet your need in an affordable price range.

Before getting into different models, one should be clear on the requirements of a printer. The key factors to be considered are briefly explained below.

1. The Connectivity: The two types of connectivity are wired and wireless. With affordable costs, WIFI connections are common in households. The wireless offers the flexibility of printing wirelessly from a convenient place. The combo offered nowadays in the WIFI routers, it is advisable to go for the wireless printers.

2. The impact: The two types are Inkjet impact and laser Impact. While both print qualities are good, the laser impact is marginally better.

3. The Print Need: The proportion of black and white prints and color prints makes a considerable difference. If the Black and white prints have a large proportion and the print demand is high, better to choose a monochrome heavy-duty printer. If color prints have a higher proportion, choose colour printers that can meet your demand.

4. Cost per Print: This a key factor in deciding the right printer. The trade-off is between the quantity need and the price for the same. The lower the requirement, the higher the cost would be. But the cost of printers for low demand will be less.

5. The Quality: Most printers that are in the market focus on print quality. So not a central analyzing point for buying decisions. The list given will have almost the same print quality.

6. Speed of Printing: This will be a factor if the printer need is for a business of printing for public demand

1. HP 419 All-in-One Wireless Tank Colour Printer

• An ideal printer for SOHO (Small Office Home Office) in the 10-15 k price range.

• This printer will Print, Scan and Copy.

• Scan and copy will be of good quality due to the flatbed scanner.

• Ink bottle capacity is quite good with over 8000 color prints and 6000 B&W prints.

• Good speed of printing at 19 pages per minute on Draft Mode and lesser on best quality mode.

• Supports 3 sizes of paper, A4, B5, A6, and DL envelope.

• Duplex printing is manual.

• From the leaders of the printer manufacturers and has a good value for money.

• Medium duty printer that can churn out 1000 prints in a month for long life.

2. Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-one

• All-in-one (Print, Copy Scan) Ink Tank Type Printer. 

• The Colour print quality will be very good.

• Compatible with Windows  Operating Systems, and Mac OS X version10.7.5 and upwards.

• Ink tanks are large enough to give 6K and 7K of B&W, Colour prints respectively.

• Duplexing is not possible

• There is no LED display on this Printer

• Ideal for Home office with a print load of 300 and more prints per month.

• Support print media of sizes A4, A5, B5, Letter, Legal.

• On-site warranty available and service is good if not the best. 

• A buying decision you will not regret later.

3. HP Laserjet Pro M126 nw Monochrome Printer

• This printer is ideal for SMEs with high printing requirements.

• Capable to handle a heavy load of printing of over 8000 pages a month.

• The output is monochrome only.

• With a flatbed scanner, the images and copies are of good quality.

• The duplex printing facility is manual with an effective resolution of 1200 DPI.

• Wireless, but can connect through USB as well as Ethernet.

• Can be used in both operating platforms of Windows and Mac.

• Can print on A4, A5, B5, Envelope, and postcards

• Toner cartridge yield is good, around 1500 prints of good quality.

• Excellent machine for home office with the high print requirement.

• The writer uses one of these models and finds it to be of excellent value for a money printer.

4. EPSON L3152 WiFi All-in-one Ink Tank Printer

• Ideal CMYK color printer for SOHO (Small Office Home Office)

• The flatbed scanner enables good quality images and copies

• Wi-Fi connectivity enabled and also through USB Port.

• Both the Windows and Mac operating platforms are supported by this printer.

• Paper sizes for print are A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, and DL

• Duplexing is manual with a print resolution of 5760 x 1440

• The Eco-Tank is built to reduce the cost of prints

5. HP Desk Jet 2723 Wireless All-in-one Ink Advantage Printer

• Print, Copy, Scan functions are the basic features of inkjet technology.

• WIFI connectible, high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity.

• Tricolor ink cartridges may have a disadvantage that all color inks will be used as you need to replace them all together even if one ink is over. But the compensating factor is the better overall yield.

• Compatible with both the platforms, Windows, and Mac.

• Paper size supported are A4, B5, A6, DL envelope.

• Limited input and output trays (60 and 25 respectively)

• Good resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi with 1000 page duty cycle.

• A value for money printer for home use only in the mid-range of the price band.

6. Canon Pixma MG 3070S All-in-one Wireless Printer

• With the multi-functional feature (Print, Scan, and Copy), an ideal printer for a casual user at home.

• Windows-compatible works with Mac OS X 10.8.5 and higher versions.

• Connectivity is through Ua SB port and WIFI.

• Print speed is not high and just fit for home use with average print demands paperer size range is good. Other than conventional sizes, you can print on Legal Size and letter size. It also can print on a 5x5” size paper.

• Print resolution at 4800 x 600 dpi, scan at 600 x 1200 dpi.

• Moderately priced, a good buy for the middle-income group Homes.

7. HP DeskJet 4729 All-in-One Ultra Ink Advantage Wireless Colour Printer

• Suitable for a SOHO (Small Office Home office) with a workload of 300 pages a month.

• The voice-activated printing feature is the attraction for this printer.

• Works well with Alexa or google home. You can print shopping lists, puzzles, etc.

• WIFI connectible and has a USB port connection as well

• Manual duplex printing with a resolution of  4800 x 1200 for color & 1200 x 1200 for B&W.

• It can take a load of a maximum of 1000 pages per month.

• You can print as you enjoy Alexa and google home.

• Priced around the mid-range price band, a printer worth looking into for buying consideration.

8. HP Desk Jet 2778 Multi-function Wireless Printer

• Multi-functional color Printer in an affordable price range

• Connects with Highspeed USB2.0 and WIFI (Wireless)

• Compatible with Windows 10.7, Mac Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, and High Sierra 10.13

• Has a duty cycle of up to 1000 pages

• Useful ideally for home printing demand

• Good quality prints with a resolution of 1200x1200 dpi

• Supports A4, B5, A6, and DL envelope

9. Canon Pixma TS307 Wireless Single Function Printer

• Single Function (Print only) Printer for Home use with a print demand of 50 prints a month.

• Connectivity has more options. WIFI, WIFI Direct, USB, Apple AirPrint, and Google cloud.

• There is no Display on a printer

• Priced at the low range of price band.

• Cost per print is fairly expensive

• Resolution at 4800x1200 dpi. Borderless printing on 4”x6”

• Year Warranty at the site.

• Ideal for home at this price range.


Working in a wireless environment improves flexibility and productivity.

The wireless printer provides you that support to Print on the move.The print media is still alive and kicking and still is in the “basic needs” category.

Investment in these is long-term and has value. We will be happy if you let us know about your purchase of one of these best Printers.

Impress clients, bosses, and family with the Best Impressions on Paper!!!

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