Earphones and earbuds are one of the universally confusing products. Some people confuse hearing protection with earplugs, some use earbuds for noise cancellation, some people will recommend you to use earplugs to sleep peacefully with a snoring partner.

I know that by now it will have become pretty hard for you to keep track. So the sole purpose of writing this article is to give you clarity of mind and depict you how these things originally work.


Earphones which are also referred to as in-ear headphones are the one which is usually present inside the ear canal. They come with many sizes of foam to soothe your listening experience and to fit perfectly in your ear.

different types of earphones

With earphones, you have lots of diversity so you can choose from any size and shape that deems you fit.

The most common earphone shape is the one that can be gripped by your concha to make them more secure. But if you have some extra budget then you can also contact an audiologist who can provide you with an earphone specifically for your ear.


Earphones tend to have more power and can produce louder sounds. They can give you more high-end quality as compared to the earbuds with the same price range. They will make you enjoy songs as they were originally supposed to be.

They also protect you from outside noise. If you are travelling through a jam-packed place like a train or a market, you can still enjoy your songs without any external interference. This is an important feature to have if you are a frequent traveller, or your work line involves noisy surroundings.

Earphones come in different shapes and sizes. So there is bound to be one that is a perfect fit for you. You also have a lot of variety to choose from. This is the best choice if you are mostly involved in outdoor activities like skating, cycling or running. Earphones in your ear can definitely bear few jerks and won’t fall off easily. Most of the Gymmers use an earphone while working out.


For such amazing features, it is only logical for you to pay a little extra. So earphones tend to be on the expensive side. But they are worth every penny.

The only real shortcoming in these products is that they can be a little bit uncomfortable. The wires can easily strangle around your ears and can be a mess. You will be compelled to remove wrinkles from the wire every time you use an earphone.


Unlike earphones, earbuds don’t come with cushions. They are not present inside the concha, instead they sit on the outer layer of the ear. They also don’t offer variations in size. There is one universal earbud size and you will have to make peace with it.

difference type of earbuds

Due to the availability of only one size, It can be a means of soreness for some consumers. You don’t have the privilege to choose the best fit for yourself in this case which can also pose a comfort problem.


Earbuds tend to cost lower than earphones. Due to this price difference, you can buy higher-quality earbuds than earphones with the same amount of money. They won’t be a burden on your pocket.

They also don’t cancel the outside noise completely. This can be both a positive or negative point. The positive aspect of this feature is that you won’t be completely cut off from your surroundings. This can come in handy if you are cycling or hiking as you can easily focus.

But the downside to this feature is that you will have to compromise on the sound quality.

Due to the absence of diversity in their sizes, there are chances that you won’t be able to find the perfect fit for you. This reluctance can make the earbud fell off your ear more frequently. 

But nowadays, some earbuds have rolled out which can be wrapped around your ear ridges making them way more secure and stable.


Earbuds and earphones have been innovated into wireless earbuds and earphones. The wireless versions connect with a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Wireless earbuds are very smart and have fingerprint sensors that can turn them on with a touch of the finger. They have a battery and tend to be a little bit heavy due to it. They also require to be frequently charged after a specific time, depending on the model.

The wireless versions cost extravagantly. But you won’t be compromising on anything else. They are extremely comfortable and won’t get messy and wrinkled. All you will have to do is turn them on and enjoy.

They need to be charged after a few hours. If you cant access a charging port for large portions of the day then this product isn’t for you. Only opt for this product if you can manage to charge them after every few hours.

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There is a lot of confusion surrounding earphones and earbuds. The main reason behind this is the absence of adequate information to inform the masses.

So that’s why we decided to make out a detailed comparison between both amazing products to enable you to distinguish between them easily.

We hope by now, you will most probably have made up your mind on which one of the above is more suitable for you.


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