Songs can turn a long and tiring journey into a pleasant experience. You don’t want to be stuck in the jam without a stereo.

Otherwise, the only music you will be hearing will be the honking. Every second feels like an hour if you are travelling alone.

best bluetooth car stereo touchscreen India

Music can be your biggest companion in all of your lone ventures. But if you want to feel the music as it was meant to be, choosing the best Bluetooth car stereo is solely the most crucial factor.


A Bluetooth car stereo, widely called as a receiver or radio lets you play the music or sound of your own choice in the car.

Most of these stereos are installed under your dashboard and come with many advanced features like audio and video player, connectivity and much more.

A Bluetooth car stereo consists of the following three parts.


Sources are the electronics that are connected with the car stereo via Bluetooth or cable and lets you choose the song of your choice. Power source usually includes USB, Android, iPhone, Tablets etc.

You will require an external source to play songs as your car stereo doesn’t have the capability to store audio and video files. This is why an external source is required which have already has multi-media present in it.


Preamp is the front-end of the car stereo. It is where all the controllers are present. You can adjust sound, crossovers, source connections, Balance and everything else from this preamp.


The signals coming from the source are usually weak. An amplifier is present in the car stereo which enhances these weak signals and gives them more strength. The initial signals coming towards the amplifier have low voltage. It is the job of the amplifier to pump adequate voltage.

Buyer's Guide: 8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Bluetooth Car Stereo:


The display is the most important aspect of any stereo. Nowadays, touchscreen Bluetooth car stereos are mostly used. There are some analogue displays too but they are confined to older models.

Some screens come with the split-screen feature where you can use two screens at once. It is recommended to always opt for a decent-sized display.

Not so big that it ends up straining your eyes and not small enough that you can't see the icons.


Your stereo must have the following connections available.

● MP3

I know most of the time you are only going to use Bluetooth but it is never wrong to have few other options in hand.


Most of the high-end stereos have this amazing feature that will let you use apps on the display. It is a useful feature to have if you want to play songs online. You can use Youtube, Netflix, Spotify or any other app that you want to use in your car.

This will bring to you a wider library of movies and songs to choose from. You will have thousands and thousands of multimedia files at your disposal.


This is the most important feature that any car stereo can have. This will be literally like having a Laptop installed in your Car. Once your stereo has the access to the internet, Whether through the wifi or mobile Hotspot, Your drives that usually feel like drag will transform into pleasant and soulful travels.

5) GPS:

GPS can be a great aid if you are travelling to any strange place. It can give you an aerial look and directions. The chances of you getting strayed from the right path are close to none with GPS at your disposal. It can carve out for you the shortest route with the least amount of traffic.


This feature will let you fully focus on the road. You won’t need to use your hands for picking up calls or playing songs. All you have to do is give verbal tasks like you are asking the person sitting right next to you.


The appearance of your stereo can make or break the overall look of your interior. So it is always advised to opt for a stereo that sits well with your overall interior. Stereos have been highly innovated in this field.

Most of the stereos come with custom-designed LED lights of different colour schemes. Some even have lights that flash with beats. Such graceful features will enhance the outlook of your car as well as your listening experience.


Amplifiers are the most important factor in any sound system. It is solely responsible for sound quality and loudness. There are many types of amplifiers i.e 2-channel amp. 3-channel amp, 4-channel and so on.

They are named after the number of channels they contain. Greater the number of channels, the higher the number of speakers that can connect with the stereo.

For example, a 2-channel amp can only support a pair of speakers. But if you move up to the 4-channel amps, they can support 2 sets of speakers or one set of the speaker and a subwoofer. Check Best Audio Receivers in India.


There are many factors to keep in mind while choosing a Bluetooth car stereo. With the dawn of social media and technology, there is an excess of information and readers are bound to get confused.

This is why we have created this one-stop platform where we have provided you with all the information necessary to choose the perfect Bluetooth car stereo.

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