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best 4k smart tv under 50,000 to 70,000 rupees in India

As decades march past, more than affordability, the pleasure of viewing and accessibility of quality content are shaping the television viewing landscape.

Propelled by the digital highway and fueled by content creators on the OTT platform, the lines between movies and TV content have become very blurred.

Content creators and service providers are competing to bring you a theatre experience within the comfortable confines of your home, and what complements this scenario is the Big screen.

This zone, too, has many players vying for your attention. However big the screen is and however large the arena of competition is, Bluetooth gears zoom in at all levels to make your decision to buy a Bluetooth-enabled dream TV an easy job.

5 Best Smart TV 4K Ultra HD TV Options in India

So let's dive in to see which TV is best suited to shell out around Rs 50,000, 60,000 and 70,000 INR from your wallet.

1. Sony Bravia 138.8 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED 

This brand has permeated all levels of the consumer segment and has become a household name. With the launch of the Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD smart TV, it has raised its bar and rolled out a unique experience.

sony bravia

Despite having a native refresh rate of 50 Hz on an Ultra HD display, the motion flow feature has ensured smoother images.

The myriad of colors is what captures the viewer. The installation is handled by the company making it hassle-free for you.

The Chromecast is at standard levels. Connects to the remote via IR or Bluetooth. The Sound vibes surround you with the right ambience, and of course, you can always enhance the experience using soundbars, though that is more of a personal choice than a requirement. 

It comes with the 3 HDMI ports, though this can be seen as a minimum requirement at this price range, and more ports could have notched this product higher. 

The crux is that SONY BRAVIA is one in which users can immerse themselves in content across various devices.

Other standard features like Voice search, Amazon Prime, and Android TV make this product worth buy.

Points on the flip side:

• For the standards that Sony is striving at, the remote has been laid back. 

• The Bluetooth is confined to the remote part alone, and the TV does not have a built-in blue tooth. A firestick or Mi Box can be used to connect if required.

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2. Samsung 125 cm (50 inches) Crystal 4K Pro

Standard content gets exemplified when viewed in the right way and at the right place, and this is what Samsung has precisely set out to do in the Crystal 4K Pro.

OTT platforms are making the world smaller while simultaneously, the end devices are making your experiences richer.

Whether it is the wedding video of your relative viewed on youtube or it's the polar bear stomping across the snow on our planet, or a distant galaxy's light reaching us after a billion years,  Samsung brings the picture to life. 

The good news for avid gamers is that it comes with a gaming console. So you can hook and play on the 4K screen.

This also hosts many other applications like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Zee, Youtube, and Prime Video. In today's digital ecosystem, these applications are ruling the user experience.

The bezel-less screen combined with a billion colors transports you to a new world of content. 

The interface is pretty standard comprising 3HDMI ports and only one USB port, which could be a sore point depending on your perspective. 

Audio waves have been delivered through Dolby Digital plus and Q symphony, so ideally, there would be no need to burn a hole in your pocket for additional soundbars. Again, those opinions vary across the consumer segment. 

Remote connects you via a single touch to AI devices like Alexa by increasing your comfort zone's boundaries. 

Points on the flip side:

• Certain users have experienced a lag due to the 1.5Gb RAM, which could be dependent on the content viewed.

• Q Symphony is not compatible with all soundbars. So check out the specifications before investing.

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3. Vu 164cm (65inches) Cinema TV Action Series

If you are a new kid on the block looking to buy Ultra HD TV, then don't be hasty in dismissing the VU brand since it has not been in your 'known reliable 'brands.

This Cinema TV action series from Vu is indeed creating waves among the consumer market. Not that it comes within less budgeted 4K TVs, but it performs on a competitive level with the other players in this space.

Vu provides an exquisite visual experience via Motion smoothing through the Bezel-less screen,  though your auditory senses might not vouch for the same. Of course, soundbars are always available to amplify the sound waves.

This TV does sport four master speakers and two tweeter speakers, X surround and Dolby Studio. from a technical standpoint. 

An ace point up its sleeve is that the system is hosted by Android Pie 9.0 running on a 1.4 GHz Quad core processor.

Well, moving higher up the application layer, Vu 4K TV comes with the licensed version of Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, and Youtube.

Chromecast is available, and with this TV supporting Bluetooth 5.0, the world is open to you via a plethora of devices. With the upscaling functioning pretty well, you can watch your favorite shows of yesteryear from Youtube.

Amazon home services is the one who will be doing your installing.

In a single line, this TV has definitely earned a wow! from the end customer segment. 

 Points on the flip side:

• Remote is not something that you can boast about, though the single touch access Youtube is very convenient

• The Sound quality could have been a notch higher

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4. LG 164 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart IPS LED TV

The line between elegance and the ostentatious show can be tricky, and LG has understood that well.  The LG 4K Ultra HD TV is well bordering on elegance and can prove to be the signature piece in your room.

Everything is made alive via the wide viewing angle coupled with an absolute vivid color range.

It is definitely for the thicker wallets, but who can define the ultimate price for an immersive visual experience?

The surround speaker effect, emanating from the speakers built into the TV, blending with true color accuracy display and a wide view angle, provides a home theater experience. With a wide range of OTT apps to make your pick, the world is truly at your fingertips.

Well, to bring it well into your fingertips completely, you would have to purchase the magic remote. 

Another fair point is the seamless connectivity to Apple devices, and along with 3HDMI ports, there are two USB ports.

With this on, you have no dearth of content to watch, as this not only comes with a wide range of applications with web OS but also has a built-in Alexa. All you need to do is ask from the comfort of your couch.

Point on the flip side: The need to buy a separate magic remote does not go well with many consumers

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 5. Redmi 164 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

Life within four walls has taken an entirely new perspective after the virus barged into our lives. Though invited, the new life has been embraced in many ways, and content viewing is also getting its horizons redefined.

After all, the new mantra is to have the best content viewed from your couch and that means having a smart TV like Redmi adorning your wall.

With 8 million pixels painting pictures at a refresh rate of 60Hz and a wide-angle of 178 degrees, the result is indeed a beautiful visual experience.

The audio vibes with a surround effect ( Dolby and DTS virtual X)  have created the required impact because many opted out of an additional soundbar. The brightness and sound self adapt too. 

With the latest patchwall installed, surfing to get your favorite content is a breeze. The range of inbuilt apps would never leave you with a want of choice. 

The Mi remote allows switching between patch wall and Android UI.

Interfaces are pretty standard comprising 3 HDMI, 2USB ports, and Bluetooth 5.0

This Tv sports Dolby vision, so content that runs on the new technical standards would naturally be great, but user experience when viewing older content varies. 

This is a whole awesome package that is worth buying.

Points on the flip side:

• The remote does not allow easy mute, so watch out when your boss calls you!!

• Upscaling is not the same experience for all users

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