Looking for the best smart TV under 15000 rupees in 2021?

Worry not, because this is your ultimate guide to the latest smart TVs under 15000 rupees in India.

A Century is close to 3 plus generations of mankind. The changes that happen during one century are beyond description.

Especially, the technology evolution in different fields is like a fantasy. It is six years less than a century since the First Television was invented. With the technological advancement in tele-viewing, viewing has been taken to the individual level who can handhold the tele-viewing gadget.

Though tele-viewing had found its way to the smart hand-held phones, the viewing pleasure is enhanced multiple times when viewed through a feature-rich television set at home, with the company of near and dear. The luxury of a television set has no limits as long as people can afford it.

There are few key factors among the many when considered, will define and decide the kind of Television set you have as a requirement.

We would help you with some guidelines and recommendations on the top ten models of television that will help you to fish the correct television set in the ocean of models filled in the market.

As further facilitation of easy pick, we are grouping the models in different price ranges. The list we present here is for a budget below INR 15,000.

To begin with, the guidelines on the factors to consider are explained.

1. View Range: All TV sets in the range of below INR 15,000 would be having a screen size of 32” only. The view range recommended is a minimum of 1.35 meters or 5.2 feet. Your room size should accommodate this, furniture and movement space.

2. Screen Resolution: The resolution which is measured by the pixels is an important factor to consider, but it is not the end-of-all factor. Most modern TV sets have a standard 4K resolution. A good to know knowledge.

3. Audio settings: This makes a difference in viewing your favorite scenarios from nature to action movies. A surround sound will give a good effect and there are multiple devices to enhance the quality of the sound experience.

4. Connectivity: This is a feature that would give you multiple options of a device from which you want to connect the TV set through the remote-control device. More ports better would be the flexibility.

Top 10 Best Smart TV Options Under 15000 Rupees

Here is the recommended top 10 smart tvs under INR 15k from reputed brands like Samsung, Onida, MI, VU and more.

1. Mi LED Smart Tv 4A (Top Pick)

People stop short when they see this model in the display of Smart TVs. Such a Head-Turner, it stops buyers from looking at other options!  The features are great and par excellence.

Mi 80 cm 32 inches HD Ready Android Smart LED TV 4A PRO

Some amazing features of Mi Smart TV under 15,000:

• The resolution is 1366x768, and the set is an HD Ready Android TV

• Gaming Console, set-top box, and Blu Ray Players can be connected with the provision of 3 HDMI ports. Two more USB connectible devices can be used and that gives fairly wide options of sources.

• The Dolby sound system complements the picture quality very well.

• The attraction is the Built-in-Wi-Fi, Disney+Hotstar, Prime Video, and Netflix.

• Google Assistant gives you a spectrum of audio-visuals.

• Currently ruling the buyers’ mind and the purchase decision will be value for money.

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2. Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready (Best Brand Under 15K)

Samsung – A name that had touched every 2 out of 3 Indians in some form or the other. Another household name, Samsung brings home an entertainer par excellence with its unique innovative features.

SAMSUNG 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV

Why Buy Samsung 32 Inch Smart TV:

• Well designed  with a slim and stylish display

• Good Resolution @ 1366x768, HD ready

• Has provision to connect only 2 HDMI compatible devices and one USB device.

• 20 Watts Sound output which is of good quality

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3. Kevin 32” Smart TV (Best New Comer In 15K TV Segment)

The  Beston Sky Vision has bestowed the Indian TV market with the best range of Smart TVs. Like the sky vision brings an “Awe” feeling, these smart TV sets provide that awe!!!

Kevin 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV KN32A

The good know information about the Kevin TV Under 15000:

• Alexa Built-in TV set

• Good Resolution @ 1366x768, HD ready with almost 1800 Viewing angle

• Has provision to connect only 2 HDMI compatible devices and 2 USB devices.

• 20 Watts Sound output with equalizer and is of good quality.

• Built-in Wi-Fi, Wireless headphone Control, and screen mirroring.

• The HRDD technology enables the set to support 16.7 million colors.

4. TCL 32P30S Android Smart LED TV

The “Prestige” this company brought into the households in form of Cookers, has been consistently growing for the company’s other products with the TV not being an exception. The Smart TV that is set to become the household name. You will feel the Prestige when this TV decorates your living room. The key factors of attraction of this model:

• Good Resolution @ 1366x768, HD ready

• Has a 1780 Viewing angle

• Has provision to connect only 2 HDMI compatible devices and 2 USB devices.

• 16 Watts Sound output with two-channel speakers.

• Dual-core MALI 470 Graphics processor, Google-certified Android.

• With a good grade HD-ready panel and micro dimming, the display is very good.

5. Vu 32 Inch Android Smart TV

With over 3 million sets sold since 2006 year of inception, this brand had made good in-roads into the Indian TV Market. Innovation as the key driver, the company has looked into the future while producing its entertainer TVs. Have a look at some of the features:

• HD ready Resolution @ 1366x768.

• Has provision to connect 2 HDMI compatible devices and 2 USB devices.

• 20 Watts Dolby Audio with DTS Studio Sound effect.

• Official Android Pie 9.0, Chromecast Built-in.

• With the MPEG noise reduction and adaptive contrast, the display is very good.

• Added features include Netflix, Google Play hotkeys on Remote control, and you-tube which are licensed apps.

6. Onida 32 Inch Fire TV Edition, Smart TV

The loveable, charming, known Devil, “Onida” brings the best entertainment that makes you feel like being in the company of angels!! Though this in contrast to its name and nature. And that is ONIDA for you. A popular Brand in the TV space, it offers good features that are as below:

• Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5, and Sony live are ready to stream into your set with the Built-in Fire TV experience.

• HD Ready resolution of 1366x768

• 3 HDMI and 1 USB connectivity for devices.

• Dolby Digital Plus 16 Watts sound output

• Voice Remote with Alexa, Dual-Band Wi-Fi and supports all licensed apps like YouTube, Netflix, etc

7. VW 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV VW32A

VW, a new name in the market. Could be the dark horse scoring over the known brands. The features are as good as a reputed brand. Pioneering minded people can have a go at this model. Details of specs as below:

• HD Ready resolution of 1366x768

• Viewing angle of 1780 

• 2 HDMI and 2 USB  and 1 VGA Port connectivity for devices.

• Dolby Digital Plus 20 Watts sound output with equalizer

• True color display in cinema mode as well.

8. Toshiba 80 cm (32 inches) Vidaa OS Series HD Ready Smart ADS LED TV 32L5050

Integration, backward as well as forward had been the driving force of Toshiba. This had given it the widest range of industries and products the company is associated with. This effect is seen in in this smart TV as well. Have a look at some of the features.

• HD Ready resolution of 1366x768

• Viewing angle of 1780 

• 2 HDMI and 2 USB  connectivity for devices.

• Powerful Dolby Audio Watts sound output with equalizer

• Comes with a TV-specific design of operating system VIDDA.

• Yupp TV, Prime Video, Hungama TV, and more

• ADS Panel Display of sleek design with active motion resolution + contrast booster

9. One plus Y series Smart TV 32 inch

One plus NEVER SETTLE down in their path of empowering the globe and keep pushing the limits of technology. Such passion brings one of the best TVs that can be a TV for consideration in your choice of Best TVs.

• HD Ready resolution of 1366x768

• Viewing angle of 1780 

• 2 HDMI and 2 USB  connectivity for devices.

• 20 Watts Dolby Audio sound output.

• Yupp TV, Prime Video, Hungama TV, and more

• Good Display with noise reduction and dynamic contrast facility

10. Hisense 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart Certified Android LED TV 32A56E 

“Hisense” has a distinct relationship with sensitivity. One of the key expectations of a customer is the confidence in a product.This company  spends time and money in pushing up the levels of quality and after-sales service. Here is some key information on the suggested model

• HD Ready resolution of 1366x768

• 2 HDMI and 2 USB  connectivity for devices.

• Bluetooth enabled Chromecast Built-in, Voice remote

• 20 Watts DTS Studio sound output.

• Yupp TV, Prime Video, Hungama TV, and more

• Ultra Vivid High Contrast Panel, with color enhancing and noise reduction facility.


The home may not have a furniture set but will have a TV set.

Smart TVs provide you the entertainment you need after a day’s hard work.

Investment in these is minimal unless one wants to splurge in technology

The market offers a variety of models according to affordability

We will be happy if you let us know about your purchase of one of these best TV Sets.

Let the smart TV Set entertain you so much like there is no tomorrow!!!!

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