Are wireless keyboards better than wired for laptops?

What should I look for in a Bluetooth wireless keyboard?

Which Logitech wireless keyboard is best for tablets?

If you encounter these questions while choosing the best Bluetooth wireless keyboard in India then you must check out this post from Bluetooth Gears.

Higher productivity comes with the comfort of working with minimum strain.

With demands on you increasing continuously, it is imperative to find different ways to meet them with some ease.

Especially, for people who have a laptop-like gadget as a part of their persona, it is essential to keep the work desk neat and flexible.

The fixed keyboards of these devices limit the ergonomics of working on the system. The advent of technological innovations has been addressing this issue regularly.

Out of various gadgets that improve working flexibility, comfort, and improved productivity, the wireless keyboards catch the attention and fancy of “computerphiles”.

Most of the modern electronic devices come with in-built Bluetooth technology, it is worthwhile looking for Bluetooth Keyboards.

With a plethora of models available in the market, selecting the right keyboard is a task that you will be happy without.

10 Best Wireless Keyboads in India in 2021

We will help you to feel happy with our well-researched list of the top 10 models of Bluetooth Keyboards for gaming and office.

The set of tips for buying is additional to our list. With these two, you cannot but buy the best one suited for your needs.

1. Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech is a leading brand making different models of wireless keyboards and is a popular brand in the market. This model is in the top 3 comparable models.

Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo Keyboard & Right-Handed Mouse

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The mouse is part of the package which saves you from another purchase.

Matching the reliability and speed of the wired keyboards, Logitech MK345 offers good comfort of working flexibility. The additional feature and advantage of this model is the set of 12 programmable Function Keys.

The battery life is quite long, lasting for over 2.5 years.

It claims to be spill-resistant, but it is not waterproof.

The keystrokes hardly make a sound and do not impact the ambiance adversely.

The coverage is normal 10 meters but has an effectivity of around 8 meters only.

This is one of the best buys with value for money.

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2. Zaap Trifold Pro Bluetooth Aluminium Wireless Keyboard

This model is a super keyboard but priced fairly high around 5000 rupees. If you can afford it, go for this.

Zaap Trifold PRO Bluetooth Keyboard Magnetic Tablet Keyboard in India

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The elegant finish and the compactness adds value to the work desk.

The sturdy but soft foldable Aluminium cover is of the grade used in aircraft. This aluminum also offers protection from possible damages.

It switches off and on as you fold and open respectively. Instant sleep and wake-up mode.

Universal compatibility is an added feature. It operates on the major 3 operating systems, IOS, Windows, and Android.

A mouse is part of the package.

The keyboard is water-resistant and has good durability.

The rechargeable batteries offer 60 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Has a good rating by users and a great product to own if affordability allows.

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3. Targus KB55 AKB 55TT Bluetooth Multi-platform Keyboard (Black)

The feature of supporting different operating platforms and the quality makes this model well known in the market.

targus wireless keyboard in India

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The sleek design saves space and gives a good look at the work area.

The life of the battery (2 AAA batteries) is excellent.

The Caps lock key has no LED. Need care while typing.

The battery life indicator is a helpful feature of the product

A product that is worth buying in the low-medium price band.

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4. HiTechcart Bluetooth Multifunction Touchpad Keyboard

In the low price band, this model from HiTechcart is a good buy. You can own this multifunction keyboard under 500 rupees in India.

HiTechCart Wireless Bluetooth Multifunction Touchpad Keyboard

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With a lesser number of keys, it is very compact.

The shape of the keyboard is unique and appealing.

The touchpad is an attraction with its sensitivity and flip of 3600

The operating range is higher than other models (15 Meters0 without any distortion

At times, charging may pose some problems, but manageable.

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5. XIWMIX Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Wide Range of Compatibility. It can operate in all the 3 platforms used widely.

XIWMIX Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

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Portable easily without additional weight and with fewer space needs.

Continuous working is a special feature. It will work for 10 days after a single charge and can work in standby mode for another 2 months.

You can toggle between the 3 operating systems using the function key and the special key for each platform (IOS, Windows, and Android).

Highly sensitive backlights of 7 colors that would help accurate typing with the least use of the back button.

The width of less than 8 cm gives the ultra-slim feature.

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6. Logitech K 480 Bluetooth Keyboard - Multidevice 

Whether you have a tablet or phone or laptop, this Logitech K480 wireless keyboard connects to all.

Logitech K480 Multidevice Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard

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The special dial provided enables switching between 3 Bluetooth devices.

The shortcut keys are the same as the conventional keyboards.

The cradle of a size that can accommodate your phone or tablet for the convenience of reading while typing.

Devices with different operating platforms are supported well by this keyboard.

Priced at the mid to high range, you will get value for money if you choose this model.

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7. Logitech MK215 Mouse Combo and Wireless Keyboard

Logitech MK 215 Mouse Combo & Wireless Laptop Keyboard

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This is compatible only with the Windows platform.

Uses Logitech Wireless Technology which is very reliable.

This has an excellent battery life of 2 years for KB and 5 years for the mouse.

The cursor controls excellent with the HD optical mouse.

Works instantly on plugging the USB connector.

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8. Portronics Chicklet Portable Qwerty Keyboard

Your best companion in the Digital space. Save you from the shoulder pain of carrying heavy laptops.

Portronics POR-973 Chicklet Wireless Rechargeable Foldable Keyboard Wireless Multi-device Keyboard

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Pairing is easy with mobiles, iPads, Tablets without a need for a driver.

The large keys reduce the error of mistyping.

Amazing playtime of 140 hours on a single charge.

The auto power-off facility enables battery energy conservation.

Compatible with all popular operating systems.

Available in the nominal, affordable price range.

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9. iGear Dual Connect Bluetooth Keyboard

i GEAR DualConnect Wireless Dual Channel Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard for PC/Mac/Laptop/Smartphone/SmartTv/Tablet

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Compatible with all 3 operating platforms.

Can hold two devices at the same time in the cradle (Mobile& Tablet).

You can type on the two Bluetooth devices at the same time with one click of the switch button.

Sleep mode facility conserves battery energy.

12 hours of continuous work on a single charge.

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10. Zebronics Zeb-DLK01 USB Multimedia Keyboard

ZEBRONICS Zeb- DLK01 USB Multimedia Keyboard

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Priced at the lowest price range, a Comfortable and tactile unit

It has 12 Integrated hotkeys

The keys are UV coated

Having a separate Rupee key is unique to this model

Operates on the USB connection

Tips that will guide you to decide the right Bluetooth Keyboard you are contemplating buying.

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Before closing in on one model the following basic needs must be taken into account.

1. The coverage area/Range: Most devices are having coverage of a 10M radius. One or two have a better range. See your setup and make rearrangements if needed.

2. Affordability: Though the prices of good quality keyboards are within the affordable range of a computerphile, it is good to evaluate the benefits and shortcomings against your needs. This will be a mid to long-term investment and hence exercising prudence is essential.

3. Brand Popularity: While most brands claim popularity, a good measure would be the reviews and ratings of the models. Ensure that you get to see those details on the site you use to buy.

4. Service and Warranty: Since it is a long-term investment, the amount immaterial, compare the service facilities and the warranty schemes.

5. Power needs: Always check the battery life and the charging time. Playtime will be an important factor for people who travel long distances.

6. Obsolescence: We have to live with this as this technology changes rapidly. The only solace is that the version changes bring marginal improvements. A breakthrough change will take some time.

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Final Note on Best Bluetooth Keywords in India

Working on the move is the basic expectation of clients and bosses.

The Bluetooth Keyboard provides you that support to communicate on the move.

Investment in these is long-term and has value.

We will be happy if you let us know about your purchase of one of these best receivers.

Choose and impress clients and bosses with the best wireless keyboard in India!!!

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