Looking for the best premium smartwatch in India in 2021?

In the post, We are sharing the 5 best smartwatches in India from top brands that can be your style signature statement.

best premium smartwatch for android ios in India

Best Android Smartwatch in India (Make Your Signature Statement in 2021)

Do you know what is the difference between style and being ostentatious? It is quality, a quality that speaks for itself.

In whichever sphere of life you look at, products with class make their signature statement by just their presence, nothing more or nothing less. So is the case with electronic gadgets.

With products flooding the market, those who stand tall and stand apart are few.

Made superior by their looks, engineering design or by their features, these watches are coveted.

Bluetoothgears.com delves deep into each of these watches to see their worth. Come along!

List of Best Premium Smartwatches for Android & iOS in India in 2021

Find the list of the top 5 best smartwatch from the premium watch brands like Samsung, Apple, Oppo in India at Bluetooth Gears!

  • Samsung Galaxy 3 - Best Android Smartwatch in India
  • Apple Watch Series 5 - Best iOS Smartwatch in India
  • Oppo Watch
  • TicWatch Pro 3
  • Garmin Forerunner

1) Samsung Galaxy 3 Editor's Choice

Samsung Galaxy 3: It is more than a smartwatch and much more than a regular watch. This smartwatch would aptly define the Samsung Galaxy 3, which has been engineered, keeping even a lifesaving aspect in mind. Comes in three mystic colours that for sure mark the brand well. Its features have been crafted at the premium level. alert-success

samsung galaxy smart watch 3

Why make this your pick:

  • With the wrist being a small arena, the biggest challenge smartwatch creators face is trying to showcase the world in it. Samsung has risen to the challenge in this watch and has chalked out an AMOLED display with a resolution of 360* 360. The display is protected with corning glass.
  • An accelerator has been ingrained into its design, which can detect a hard fall and trigger an emergency call via the number stored in SOS.
  • The 120+ array is of home fitness workouts is really astounding.
  • Remember how WhatsApp seemed so interesting compared to the SMSs, with its emojis. You can now experience the same here with the Galaxy 3 as there are interesting auto-replies along with AR emojis/Bitmojis.
  • The rotating bezel is not very glaring and does its job by not being too loud.

What you should be careful about:

  • Expecting the smartwatch to stay charged for a few days is normal and, in that aspect, this has fallen short, as the charge lasts only for two days.

2) Apple Watch Series 5 Best Premium Smart Watch

Apple Watch Series 5: Some products enter the market; some change the market; some define the market. Apple smartwatches belong to the third category, and nothing is surprising that series 5 is a signature feature-packed device. With it strapped on your wrist, the world is within your reach. alert-success

Apple smart watch

Why make this your pick:

  • Faster by 30% watch series 5 has for sure overtaken watch 4 with a good lead.
  • The hardware design is exemplary. Chiselled for class from aluminium, it sports a smaller bezel which enhances the edge to edge looks. The Sapphire glass erases your worry about scratches.
  • The display engineered at 326ppi comes with a reduced refresh rate is a worthwhile experience by itself. With a smaller bezel, the display is bigger with the colours playing a vibrant symphony on it. 
  • Running on the dual-core 64bit S5 processor, the performance by itself is impactful.
  • Wrap the world around your wrist as this comes with cellular and GPS connectivity.
  • This doubles up as your safety belt, for it can detect not only falls but also trigger local and international SOS calls.
  • The complete range of iOS apps, podcasts, apple music range, compass and high decibel alerts are a pick of the features and this sound more like a mobile on your wrist rather than a watch.
  • All like facets of this watch, the fitness aspect has been well chalked out. Inbuilt with ECG app, over the edge workout metrics and water-resistant up to 50 mts, this never allows you to stray away from your health goals.

What you should be careful about:

  • Check the iOS version compatibility and obviously runs only on Apple devices.
  • Charge runs for 1.5 days, but considering the plethora of work it has to host, it can also be seen as a long enough run.

3) OPPO Watch 46MM Wi-Fi

OPPO Watch 46MM Wi-Fi: Sizzling looks coupled with high-end performance is your Oppo. Oppo is striving to target the customer base hooked to the Apple smartwatches and is successfully inching towards that. This is one of the best-rated wear OS watches in India. alert-success

oppo smartwatch india

Why make this your pick:

  • Two classic colours that fit into a boardroom
  • How many ever-appreciable apps the watch is ingrained with, the ease of use is via the display. The 1.9” inches dual-curved display is indeed very impressive and scores well in this regard.
  • The AI in the watch will use a click of your dress and make a very trendy watch face. So, flaunt your style every day.
  • If you feel managing your routine from the wrist, then this watch has many features that would aid you – Quick replies, Google Pay, Playstore and schedule management.
  • Though it does not come with LTE connectivity, the calls via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth do not make you feel a lack of quality. 
  • The Oppo super VOOC compatible wall charge is quite notable.
  • To quote Oppo ‘’everything is just a click away”, it should have been a ‘Google click away’ because OK Google, Google pay, Google play and GPay are literally a wrist away.
  • The heart rates monitoring is actually done by four sensors. You not only can rely on the values but also get alerted in case anything goes amiss.
  • With GPS and GLONASS guiding your routes, five large exercise sensors keeping track, of your calorie burnout across a majority of sports activities your fitness arena is pretty wide.

What you should be careful about:

  • The strap clip-on is proprietary, and you cannot use third party designs.
  • The watch stays connected to the phone as long it stays on the wrist and once removed gets disconnected after a time-lapse.

4) TicWatch Pro 3 Premium Smartwatch in India

TicWatch Pro 3: Ordinary watches make time tick and smart watches are intended to make your world tick. Ticwatch Pro 3 wants you do that too in style with a profusion of 1000 + faces. Though not on par with Samsung and Apple, it can still reign as an All-rounder performer with its feature portfolio, sleek looks and lightweight frame. alert-success

Tic watch

Why make this your pick:

  • From looks to features, this is a worthy alternative to the elite in this segment.
  • The 1.4” inch display with a thin bezel and responsive touch has toned down the chunkiness a lot.
  • Powered by Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform, running on 1GB RAM, this watch seamlessly glides through different screens and apps. Compared to 3100 it has pepped up the CPU and GPU performance.
  • Keeping pace with consumer demands that every aspect of their life is to be brought to their notice by gadgets, the watch as a whole has stepped up a couple of notches compared to its predecessor, by introducing tabs on sleep, stress and noise pollution. 
  • The advantage of running on wear OS is that all apps from play store are a click away. Too busy to swipe your card? Show your wrist, pay with GPay and keep going.
  • Tick your health with their TicMotion Technology, which includes the array of TicBreathe, TicExcercise, TicZen, TicSleep, TicSleep, TicHearing and TicPulse.
  • This version has come with a bigger focus on the various sensors.
  • Crus is that this watch is an allrounder and can for sure be included in your choice list of premium watches. 

What you should be careful about:

  • The secondary display might not be the best when viewed indoors.
  • Google Wear OS is still considered under the ‘work in progress category’’ and though driven by snapdragon 4100, perfection is yet to be attained.

5) Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945: The rugged looks remind you of hiking on rough terrain and this watch designed on the same lines. If your passion lies in lacing up your shoes and stepping out to conquer miles, then this watch could be your best buddy ever. alert-success

garmin smartwatch

Why make this your pick:

  • This watch is not just a fitness tracker but a fitness trainer. Going up and beyond, this watch advises you on heat adjustments, load focus, aerobic and anaerobic training effects.
  • A device that is tailored for you, because it tracks of past history and indicates under or over burnout. 
  • The entertainment quotient also ranks high as you can store 1000 songs and also tap your feet to the musical vibes from popular music apps like Deezer or Spotify.
  • There is a real value add, from the running form analysis provided by this sporty timekeeper. Cadence, Stride Length and ground contact time are some of the parameters which grill your fitness routine. Strap this on and chase your goals.
  • True to its purpose the fuel driving it, its battery life is also awe-inspiring.
  • It has everything and more than a fitness freak could ask for as well as payment options to pay for all the fitness gear.

What you should be careful about:

  • Definitely on the high price range and you should go for it, only when it is in your heart to reign the running tracks or roads.
  • Though the maps have come with street details, please check if it has the details of, the places that you would be using it.

Conclusion for Top Smartwatch in India

We hope you liked our latest top 5 best smartwatches in India list from well-known brands.

So which premium smartwatch you are buying for your android or ios device? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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