Are you looking for the best smartwatch or smart band under 5,000 rupees in India?

Bluetooth Gears team has curated an exclusive list of the top 8 best smartwatches under 5000 rupees that you can buy for yourself.

best smartwatch and smart bands under 5000

The tech world today rolls out products like never before but only those products with easy access, convenient to use, always available and are durable sustain.

The consumer is the king today and catering to their needs can make or break an entire business segment. Trending demands by such customers are the smartwatches.

Smartwatches have definitely come to stay but the question remains that remains is how do we judge, how smart a smartwatch actually is.

The reason why a smartwatch is needed in the first place varies across society, so be clear from your side as to why you want it.

It could be for health reasons, checking notifications on the go, or just as cool trending device that you want to showcase.

  1. Apps availability: The number of apps supported by your watch is a direct indicator of how high tech your watch is since that is the very basic purpose of the watch itself. Various brands come out with their range. So check out what you want.
  2. Network connectivity: While connecting to your smartphone might be helpful, direct connectivity to the service provider via a SIM card makes a huge difference. Also, be aware that the SIM is normally for data connectivity alone.
  3. The health aspect: The smart watches which show various health aspects like heart rate or steps taken could be very useful if you are health conscious or an elderly citizen.
  4. Infrared sensors: Might not top your list but smart watches which double as remotes are definitely handy to have, especially if you think moving from the couch is a big chore.
  5. Home control: Smart watches could turn out to be your very resourceful assistant, if it can be configured to handle your home appliances.

The above-listed features are not exhaustive and you need to make your call before you buy a smartphone. The presence of these features also depends on the price range of the watch.

So in this wide vast world, you can decide what you need to from a smartwatch but do you know which smartwatch is the one you could buy?

Which brand is the best? Which watch goes beyond the notch to deliver?

Which are the best Smartwatches Under 5000 in India?

Which are the best Smart bands Under 5000 Rupees?

Review for best Smartwatches under Rs. 5000?

Which Smartwatch to buy under 5000 rupees budget?

If you have these questions in your head then don't worry as has already done this research and presents you with the best of the lot. You will love our 5000 Rupees Smartwatches guide.

8 Best Smartwatches Under Rs. 5000 in 2021

Explore the list of top 8 best smartwatches under 5000 from the best brands in India. Out of 8, 2 are smart band options from Mi and Honor brand.

1) Mi Smart Band 4

There was a time when this small device on the hand was not expected to show anything other than the time accurately. Today, the expectations from the same tiny device adorning your wrist have gone through a sea change, and manufacturers strive to keep pace with the expectation.

  • Smart watch display is a key factor as it could be a strain on the eyes and this MI BAND use the AMOLED technology for the same. It is a 2.5 D curved touch display with adjustable brightness. 
  • This also doubles as a fashion device because the display image can be altered at your will. Can a ‘profile’ addict ask for more? 
  • Another useful aspect of the display is its fast response time and its visibility in sunlight.
  • It is rated as 5ATM, meaning it can be submerged into water up to 50 meters for 10 minutes. With it tracking 12 vital data points, your daily swim can convert into a health check too.
  • Music control (including that of youtube), five days weather forecast, replaceable wrist straps, sleep tracking are features that all add to its smartness.
  • In these fast-paced busy routines, health is something that needs to be tracked. MI band 4 which can track swimming, outdoor running, walking, cycling and treadmill can prove to be a great companion for that. The heart rate monitor proves to be just more than a valuable asset, especially for senior citizens. 
  • Syncs with the MI fit app and runs on Bluetooth 5.0
  • Keeps going strong for 20 days on a single charge.
  • Connectivity is only via Bluetooth.

2) Amazfit Huami Bip Touch Screen Smartwatch A1608

Our electronic devices have become an imperative part of our lives, so much so that, staying away from it could have an adverse effect in terms of maintaining good communication. That does not mean, you cannot get physically active and confine yourself to the couch to check messages and emails. Hit the road instead.

  • Strap this on and you are all set to go shed your calories, whether it is via running outdoors or indoors, cycling or walking, and the fitness app also functions in four modes accordingly providing you data on the fly.
  • No worries about missing incoming calls or messages, as the watch vibrate for the same. 
  • A simple gesture of lifting your hands switches on the display and sunlight is also not a hindrance for the same.
  • The 1.28 inches AMOLED transflective screen with 2.5D curves at the end. The backlit is adjustable and the display is responsive, though because of the low resolution you might find the colors very responsive enough.
  • On the looks aspect, these scores well, as it is lightweight, sleek and hosted on comfortable straps (plastic housing with a matte finish).
  • Though rates as waterproof, not all users found it unaffected during swimming. So this is something you need to keep in mind.
  • Notification alerts include more or less the full range like WhatsApp, Instagram, calls, messages, etc. and connects to the mobile app via Bluetooth.
  • It has been engineered with a host of features like sleep tracker, heartbeat tracker, and watch faces.
  • Users have found the data accurate and the same can be imported to your phone also. 
  • Battery performance as per the brochure is 48 days but that varies based on usage between 30 and 15 days.

3) HONOR Band 5

Seamless connectivity to access your messages or calls can make a huge difference as you go about your day. Smart devices which provide you the best experience are the ones which reach the customer and sustain.

  • During these tough pandemic times, monitoring oxygen and heart rates is no longer a luxury but a necessity, and HONOR band 5 comes equipped just for that with its SPo2 monitor and TruSeen heartbeat sensor.
  • A display that shows off color code text, this watch can also become your style statement. The 0.95 inches AMOLED touch screen has adjustable screen brightness and showcases a rainbow color range.
  • TruSleep monitors your sleep pattern and gathers data which could be very useful for many individuals and the details have to be viewed from the app. The flip side is that in the TruSleep mode, the watch gets very active and doubles the charge consumption.
  • Swap the watch faces to suit your mood. 
  • Battery sustains for 12 days with regular usage
  • If you are avid swimmer, this would be great buddy as it not only functions well in water but also recognizes the different types of swimming strokes, records swimming speed and even calculates the SWOLF score.
  • Hosting 10 distinctive fitness modes, they would probably cover more than what you would regularly cover as a part of your fitness regime.
  • Be connected where ever you go, as it notifies you of all the messages whatever be the app which is only via Bluetooth.
  • Standard features stopwatches, timers, reset, and power off are of course inbuilt.

4) Noise Colorfit Pro 2

Whether it is the personal aspect of your life or the professional aspect, the drive to move ahead is always there. Many a time, schedules priorities may hinder this progress and that is when using technology to circumvent that is a smart move to make.

  • Striving to be healthy is good but being in control of it is better and that is exactly what you can do with this Colorfit Pro 2. Suitable for a range of our physical activities like running, walking cycling, trekking, indoor running, hiking or performing yoga. 
  • The 1.3” brilliant display responds to tabs and swipes making it convenient to use.
  • It is not only smart but lightweight too with its strong polycarbonate case. Users vouch it is easy on the skin even during humid weather. 
  • Notifications are available for the communication apps and you can control which notifications should be displayed from your mobile.
  • The tracker for female menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle trackers are definitely worthy inclusions.
  • The sleep tracker and heartbeat tracker have proved to be pretty accurate. 
  • Watch faces though customizable can be selected only from the 5 available ones. 
  • It communicates only via Bluetooth with the mobile.

5) Realme Classic Watch


In the past decade even if we are not clear on the actual number of people who actually improved their health quotient, for sure there has been a huge increase in health awareness. This pandemic sweeping across the globe has also shown how important a healthy lifestyle is.

  • Certain devices come loaded with all the required features and this Realme smart watch is a definite testimony to that.
  • Designed to monitor 14 fitness activities, this suffices a wide spectrum of sporting activities like walking, running (indoors and outdoors), badminton, cricket, basketball, gym etc. 
  • To get click that picture at that perfect moment, you don’t have to reach out for your mobile or your camera – it is available right at your wrist.
  • As your pace through your routine, notifications come buzzing to this watch regarding texts, calls, messages etc.
  • Very light on your wrist, though some with large wrists might find it a little difficult.
  • Monitors the blood oxygen level, sleep and heart rate, a boon for many.
  • The fewer number of watch faces might bother a few but that depends on a personal choice than a gauge on the overall functional performance.
  • Battery stretches to 20 days based on usage.
  • In smartwatches, the tug is always between providing a display large enough for easy use but small enough to fit the wrist. This comes with the 1.4 inches touch screen display that is handy.

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6) Lenovo Carme Smartwatch

The best gadgets designed always make their performance felt never their presence.

  • This watch falls under the ‘standard category’, where though functions are not high end as other watches it still does its job well.
  • It is dustproof and a few splashes of water will not harm it either.
  • Though it is not ‘sporty’ enough, it is smart enough to track your daily activities (including running) and provide data for your insight.
  • You can also forecast the weather with a single glance, which makes your schedule planning a cut better.
  • Alarm, sleep and heart rate monitoring are the other standard features.
  • Display is good with 2.5D curved surface and good visibility.
  • Receive all your notifications at your wrist but watch out exactly what kind of mobile it is compatible with and how it is to be done. Some users have faced the issue that the watch gets reset when not configured properly.

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7) AQFIT W15 Fitness Smartwatch

Smartwatches came into the foray to show more than just the time. They came to monitor you and provide insight.

  • Any sport that burns your calories can be mostly be monitored using this watch as it covers 15 sporting activities. For fitness freaks, the data inference places them at another level and helps in goal setting.
  • The vibrant full touch color display is 1.33 inches HD IPS. The visual appeal also includes scrolling.
  • The integrated chipsets keep your oxygen and sleep always under it scrutiny, making it a good gift for your loved elderly family members.
  • An additional aspect that is very useful is that might seem a small one but actually plays a big role, especially during summer – the drink water remainders. 
  • Connects to the app on the phone via Bluetooth only and has no connectivity on its own. Get all notifications on calls and messages along with remainders directly to the screen.
  • Control your camera and your music with your wrist device and the weather– can’t be controlled but you can watch out for forecasts.

8) HolyHigh Smart Watch

Life is beautiful when quality and looks go hand in hand. That is always not a choice and is available except at times.

  • Strap this on and you are all set to go, whether it is running, cycling, hiking, yoga and evening skipping. This sleek watch is truly a good sport to have along.
  • Very suited for swimming as it even gives you the SWOLF which is a swimming parameter.
  • You can swing your wrist to flaunt your personal style as its watch face can be changed in a jiffy with your own personal photo.
  • You no longer have to see the stars for direction (opps See the compass app in the mobile I mean), as a glance at your wrist will show you the cardinal directions.
  • Connects only via Bluetooth to the zeroner health app that has to be configured on the mobile.
  • Vital parameters like oxygen levels, heart rate are all available to you on the screen. 
  • You can not only control music via this watch, but also decide whether you want music to soothe yourself, as it also comes with a stress tracker.
  • The 1.3 inches full-color screen looks good and gets awake by your wrist lift.

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Conclusion with recommendation:

  • Realme Classic Watch - If you really want a good range of features in your wrist band, this is a good option in this price range. 
  • Mi Smart band 4 - If you want technology to make your life more comfortable, this smartwatch is a very good addition.

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