As years roll past, the fitness definitions have gone through many metamorphoses and is high topic of research.

In this midst what has seen a steady increase is health awareness of the people and multiple gadgets to support the same.

One such entry was the fitness band, which literally was intended to function like your health guru.

best smart band under 2000 rupees in india

Though for some the lines between smartwatches and fitness bands might seem blurred, smart watches function more like your smartphone hanging on your wrist, while fitness bands cater to your calorie burn put routine. has a done a deep dive and recommends the best health mate that can fit into your purse strings.

1) Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker - Editor's Choice

Thought at the lower budget range, Mi band 3 hosts many features that can keep your fitness on track.

Comes in three striking colours which adds some spirit to your fitness attire for under 2000 rupees.

Points in favour: Pros

  • The OLED touch screen is pretty cool at 0.78 inches in size
  • Though being a fitness band, you can still manage your message notifications on the go.
  • A variety of fitness data can be live monitored.

This band is quite comfortable to wear as the band is made of a thermoplastic elastomer material and curved design.

The battery does keep going strong for a minimum of a week, though some users claim that it runs for 20 days without a heart rate sensor and notifications on.

This band keeps track of your heartbeat, steps walked, sleep cycle. You can also splash around in the pool without a worry as it is water-resistant till 50 m.

The nice to have an option is the find my device which can prove a blessing to some. You can also control your calls in parallel to working out, as calls can be declined.

You can also easily switch back to the home screen. Also, the band can be used to keep a tab on the weatherman for up to three days forecast, so you can make your call on whether to jog rain or hit the home gym.

Runs on Bluetooth 4.2 and connects to the mobile via the Mi Fit app

Points that tip: Cons

  • The screen sometimes tends to get scratched.
  • Some users claim disparity on step count and sleep data.
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2) Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Smart Band

fastrack reflex smartwatch fitness band

Products from the house of Titan do come with a style and the fast tracker reflect fitness band is no exception.

Points in favour: Cons

  • The dual colour is truly class, as it is actually two layers designed differently.
  • The band can be used as a remote control to switch on and off your camera on the mobile.
  • Also pushes you to stop being sedentary, which can be more than a useful reminder at times.

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This band is compatible with both android and iOS. This mate keeps track of the steps you take, your actual sleep and the calories you burn.

Though rated at IPX6, it can withstand a few splashes and not more. The data accuracy is high and this functions as a standalone.

When paired with the Fast track’s reflex app, variations have been noted. This band keeps scores high on the battery life, as it runs for three weeks and is comfortable on the wrist, in spite of being a little bulky.

Points that tip: Cons

  • A bit bulky, though that allows USB charging
  • The display has only horizontal orientation

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3) Honor Band 5 Fitness Tracker

This band stands up to its name, by honouring various features which can match with the smartwatches.

Points in its favor: Pros

  • Detailed sleep monitoring
  • Various modes to burn your calories
  • The belt clip design ensures its physical security
  • When screen awakes from blank, it goes back to the same mode in which it was last.

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The honor band 5i would be a really good pick , with its 2.41 cm of AMOLED touch screen. If you are a fitness freak, keeping track of your health parameters instantly can be a big motivator.

This fitness band does that and more as it by monitoring your oxygen in the blood, heart rate and also sends warning signals.

Keep the beat going as your workout, with volume and music track control can be done from the fitness band itself.

Proves to be a great healthy mate, whether you decide, run, walk, play or just dive into a pool. Comes with multiple watch faces and also more can be installed. Battery back hovers around 10 to 12 days

Points that dip: Cons

  • The strap is secure but might a little difficult to replace
  • There is no support for third party apps and the companion app is quite basic.
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4) Realme Smart Fitness Band (Attractive Colour)

In the comparable price range this comes band comes to compete with Honor band and Mi band

Point in its favor: Pros

  • Awesome range of 65,000 colors
  • Nine sports modes to make your pick
  • Very good sleep sensor

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This band has been having a great feedback from users. The myriad of colors gives a premium look and the drink water remainder serves more than its purpose considering the climate zones spread across the country.

Comes with an inbuilt USB charger. Along with walking, running, cricket, it also supports yoga.

Getting notifications from your many communications apps is an additional plus. Comes with a real time heart beat monitor. A good choice at this price range.

Points that dip: Cons

  • In bright sunlight the display is not as good as indoors
  • Battery back is less than what the product specification claims
  • Strap quality can be better

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5) GOQii HR Fitness Band

Apart from fitness tracking, this also provides you with a range of health services

Points in favor: Pros

  • Comes with a personal consultation of doctors
  • Integrated USB charger
  • The associated app has games that intend to activate the brain.

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The uniqueness of this band is that it not only tracks your fitness levels electronically but provides wholesome health services. This is done by providing access to your personal coach and dietician. You can also consult a doctor.

This monitors your sleep and active hours along with the heart rate, while keeping a tab on the calories burnt in parallel. Customer feedback has also been good.

It comes with an OLED display and a battery life of 7 days which might less to some.

Points that dip: Cons

  • The dial size could seem small to some.
  • A sensor to detect the raising of the wrist would have made the product better.
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