Are you looking for the best smartwatch under 10000 at the best prices in India available online in 2021?

Your search for the top smartwatch under 10,000 will surely end here as we have created a comprehensive article which talks about a list of best smartwatches one can buy online for under 10000 rupees.

best smartwatches under 10000 in india

Life seems to revolve around the little wrist, well around the watch in your wrist. At every stage of life, there is always a sense of ‘I am pressed for time’.

This little device evolved to help you navigate that aspect of life with more control. We cannot control time, but we can always control how we use it. Smartwatches help you in that arena.

Smartwatches offer a variety of features at various price brackets. Decide how the smartwatch would add value to your life and how much you are ready to shell out from your pocket.

These two parameters would give you more clarity and as to which smartwatch would be the best to buy, is here to provide you with details of the best brands.

8 Best Bluetooth Smartwatch List Under 10,000 in 2021 - Why Settle For Less?

When your budget touches 10,000 rupees, you can check the list below and see what works out best for you.

  1. Huami Amazfit GTS Smart Watch
  2. NoiseFit Fusion Hybrid SmartWatch
  3. Blackview Smart Watch
  4. Tekpluze Smartwatch
  5. HONOR Magic Watch 2
  6. Amazfit Verge Smartwatch
  7. HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Sport
  8. Fitbit Versa Special Edition

Now read the reviews.

1) Huami Amazfit GTS Smart Watch (Best Under 10k)

This Amazfit from Huami with its sizzling looks and smart features would be a perfect fit for your lifestyle under 8,000 rupees.

Huami Amazfit GTS smartwatch
Check Price on Amazon or Flipkart

  • Strap this device on and your feel-good factor gets a notch up. Its classic color range makes it a board room fit.
  • When the 1.65” AMOLED display comes on, it gives a vibrant effect and there is no dearth of watch faces and the settings allow further customization.
  • The 2.5D curve paves way for a sleek slim look and this watch is a featherweight category.
  • A sporty companion as it functions in 12 sports modes ranging across running, walking, climbing, swimming.
  • 50 meters of water depth does not deter its performance.
  • The highlight is the bio tracking AI chip (Artificial Intelligence) that has been integrated into this watch for heart rate and heart rate interval monitoring. This data can be very useful during a heavy workout to know if you are going overboard.
  • You can assign your quick access menu, as per your daily need.
  • Users vouch for good visibility in sunlight and there is also a sensor to adapt accordingly.
  • Connects to the mobile via Bluetooth only.
Check more details & offers on Huami Amazfit Smartwatch on Amazon India & Buy Now from Flipkart.

2) NoiseFit Fusion Hybrid Smart Watch Under 10,000

Designed for tradition to meet trends, engineered for comfort, and built to last - This kind of sums up the smartwatch from Noise.

Check Price on Amazon & Flipkart

  • If you want the latest trends coupled with the old-world look, this watch is one you can watch out for.
  • This sports classic well-running mechanical hands and you can switch between the analog and the digital mode.
  • The display is a 1.22” full capacitive touch screen and comes with a crown button that can be used for navigation which can be very convenient at times.
  • Another feature that adds to your ease of use is that you can quickly reply to your messages from the watch itself.
  • This connects to your phone on Bluetooth 4.2 and is both compatible with Android and iOS-based Mobiles. Note that you need to install the Noisefit app for Android and NoiseFit X app for iOS.
  • This smartwatch monitors your heart and acceleration rate 24* 7.
  • You can keep yourself aware of your daily health goals but if different kinds of sports are your main agenda, then this watch will not support you.
  • It is rated at 5ATM, so it can be used in water but you must remember to switch your strap to the silicon one.
  • You can showcase different looks on your watch by changing its face and though there is a good choice, you can pick only from the available one and not your own personal clicks.
  • Adding to the looks is the metal case with sapphire glass.
Check more specifications & offer price on Noisefit Smartwatch at Amazon India or Buy From Flipkart

3) Blackview Smart Watch For Men, Women & Kids

Looks, features, performance, style, durability – various factor have become reigning parameters when buying the device which originally came to show only the time. Now the smartwatch is intended to be a 24X7 companion.

  • The stunning looks of this smartwatch is sure to capture your attention.
  • The display is 1.3 inches TFT LCD color monitor has enough space to display your data but comes only with four watch faces to choose from.
  • You have 8 different sports activities to choose from for your fitness regime. Walking, running, cycling, hiking to name a few. 
  • You watch also keeps an eye on your heart rate, sleep (deep sleep, light sleep and wake up time) and distance traveled.
  • You need not worry about overindulging your taste buds, because this also tracks the calories your burnt.
  • This watch gels with all versions above Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0 and notifies you of calls, text messages, calendar, and apps. The cool thing is you can reject incoming calls with a single swipe.
  • Take a plunge in the pool without a worry on the watch or its performance being hindered.
  • They also offer a 100% refund if the product is faulty.
  • Apart from the Bluetooth connectivity, this also comes with GPS. The interface is touch and dial.
Overall value for money product. Click to check Blackview Smartwatch on Amazon India

4) Tekpluze Smartwatch Under 10,000 Rupees

Smartwatch should revolve around your schedule, which means that you need to pick on that which offers you the features that align with your life priority.

Tekpluze Smartwatch Review

  • This smartwatch does not host features that go overboard but gives you a decent collection.
  • It connects only via Bluetooth to smartphones.
  • This watch can tune itself for 6 different sports styles like walking, running, hiking, exercise, rope skipping, and badminton.
  • The waterproof rating is 1P67 which means you can splash around in the pool or shower without removing it.
  • Very quick to get into action, as it charges for two hours and comes for 8 days with 30 days stand by.
  • Like all watches it informs you of your heart rate and sleeps cycle details, so you can take more informed decisions about your health.
  • Can make your pick of watch faces to suit your style.

5) HONOR Magic Watch 2 (Excellent Choice Under 10000)

Quality of life is not about having the latest gadgets, but using technology to our best advantage that makes our lifestyle revolve around us, rather than we chasing behind it.

Check Price on Amazon & Flipkart

Honor Magic Watch 2 Review

  • One is cool black, the other is rugged brown and the third is classic gold – The three colors of honor band instantly give these three looks. 
  • Reach out to the world from your wrist, as with this watch you can answer or reject calls as well as access contact list and call records. What can get more convenient?
  • Switch your watch faces to get a message across by gracing it with your personal photos.
  • Fitness is more about an attitude than physical activity and having a watch like HONOR which hosts 15 goal-based fitness modes.
  • It goes a step beyond and you can set it to suit your style of running and level of experience. So even if you are a novice to the running track, you will never feel lost.
  • You literally have music on the go, because now you can load your favorite tracks in the 4Gb inbuilt watch memory and pair it with your earphones/ headphones via Bluetooth.
  • This watch comes with SpO2 that monitors the oxygen saturation levels in your blood, monitors your heart rate and warns you in case of unusual rates. Though you need to be very clear that these watches do not replace a certified medical practitioner, it will give you a good idea and overview.
  • It is said that a night of good sleep is one sure shot way to stay healthy and Trusleep of HONOR keeps a watch over your sleep, like light sleep, deep sleep, and REM. It also gives your recommendations.
  • Keeps ticking underwater during a swim, but please make sure you don’t use the metal and leather strap in water.
  • The connectivity is via Bluetooth and GPS. The switch over to the phone during calls are pretty seamless.
  • Also please make note that this watch is compatible only with Android-based devices and not iOS-based devices
This is the best smartwatch under 10000 rupees in India from the Honor brand. Excellent value for money. Check Offer Price on Amazon & Flipkart now!

6) Amazfit Verge Smartwatch with Phone Call Feature

A lift of the wrists, a glance down for status, information flow without a break in your work out, the performance that speaks for itself -many such facets of a smartwatch are what define how long a product dominates the customer segment. 

Amazfit Verge Review

  • The vibrant color and stunning looks make this watch stand out.
  • The inner engineering is no less and comes with a built-in Alexa.
  • Initiate and receive calls right from your wrist.
  • A 1.3 “AMOLED display is accentuated by customized watch faces of which 3 have been designed by Territory Studio. The screen is guarded by the anti-fingerprint coating, keeping your screen clean.
  • Connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and keeps you updated on all your notifications. Read your messages at a glance below.
  • Strap on this watch and pick any sport to burn your calories as this supports 12 sports modes. 
  • The above coupled with a GPS+GLONASS dual -satellite positioning system, keeps you well in control and also look beyond to define your fitness goals.
  • The presence of Alexa is definitely a big boost, as this opens the world for you – be it news, music, tips and anything under the sun that Alexa can provide.
  • In spite of it being loaded with multiple features, the power lasts for 6 days after a single charge.
  • Pairs with both Android and iOS.
Check more specifications and offer details on Amazfit Verge at Amazon India or Check on Flipkart

7) HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Sport

Your time, your position on the globe, your body status, your communication links to the world – all rolled into your wrist. Well, this is what we call a small world!

Check Price on Amazon & Flipkart

Huawei Watch GT 2e Sport Review

  • This little device on your wrist is powered by HUAWEI’s first developed wearable chip Kirin 1. This chip keeps your schedule ticking for two weeks after a single charge, as it optimizes power usage without compromising on functioning.
  • Play around with attractive straps and varied watch faces to suit your mood, style and day.
  • Your health quotient is very much at your fingertips now, as this watch monitors the oxygen saturation of your blood (SpO2), your heart rate using AI technology (Even when swimming) and your stress level 24X7.
  • You jump, hike, climb, run, cycle, swim, workout or whatever you choose and this GT 2e smartwatch will be your steadfast companion as it can monitor 15 different types of professional sports. Games for fun can now become fitness goals.
  • The next real cool aspect is that this watch also hots 85 custom workout modes – you can jig on the street or skateboard and this buddy comes along in tune with you!
  • Sometimes special moments in life pass by before you reach out to the camera in your mobile. Not anymore as with this watch, you can freeze that special moment forever in a frame. It also comes with a 5-second preset timer.
  • Connectivity is via Bluetooth and also GPS and GLONASS positioning systems. 
  • Brings to your attention a huge list of real-time notifications including calendar events and moreover, you can use it to locate your phone.
  • Just make note that sometimes the version of the HUAWEI app on the play store might not be the one compatible with the version of the watch and you might have to download from an external source.

Check Huawei watch gt 2e sport review price in India at Amazon India or Buy from Flipkart.

8) Fitbit Versa Special Edition Smartwatch

Like all digital devices, smartwatches keep evolving with the time – based on needs, trends, the advent of technology and finally on what grabs the customer’s attention!

Fitbit Versa Special Edition Review

  • This watch definitely sports a smart look with its new-age look strap. 
  • Your favorite music track is just a wrist away, as you can onboard 300+ songs on this watch and also tune into pandora stations or Deezer (These require subscriptions).
  • Get, Set, and Go! Not only on the race track but on to 15 exercise modes and these come with personalized coaching. So, strap this on and set your sight for a new FIT YOU!
  • Whatever be your age, nothing motivates you like competing with a group. It is a separate trigger by itself and this little device allows you to do that seamlessly. Form your groups, set your targets and you are all set to go!
  • Use the Fitbit app and get records of steps taken, distance covered and calories burnt. With its inbuilt GPS, you also know your exact position and route on this tiny planet.
  • Your heart wellness can also be monitored with PurePulse.
  • Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and keeps you up to date on your notifications.

 Check Fitbit Versa details & offers on Amazon India

We have also curated a list of best smartwatch under 5000 in India, You can have a look to that as well. 


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