If you have been thinking of buying a great smartwatch for under 15,000 rupees in India, then you will love our list of the latest smartwatches.

It includes the best smartwatches under 15000 from brands like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Fitbit, OPPO, etc.

best smartwatches under rs. 15000 in India

When choices were less, life might have indeed been simpler, but with growth comes changes and enhancements. Certain gadgets weave themselves into our lives in an integral way, and we suddenly realize that life wouldn’t be the same if there were not here today.

The towering example for that are mobile phones, and smart watches follow suit. If you have been using a smart watch that you have personalized according to your needs and if for some reason it was no longer there, there will be a void created in your mind space.

With such devices comes the evolution of the product. Whether the product has evolved because consumer needs have changed or whether the consumers created need to accommodate the newer version of such gadgets will always remain unanswered like the egg and chicken story.

What finally speaks at the end of the day is the scope of your need, your budget range and if smart watch fits into that.

1) HONOR Magic Watch 2 (Number 1 Choice Under 15k Budget)

HONOR Magic Watch 2 - The magic of this watch lies its quick call connectivity, an always-on AMOLED display and personalized watch display. The convenience of picking up, declining or allowing calls to wait within the confine of your wrist is definitely a league by itself.

Honor Magic Watch 2 (46 mm) Smartwatch

Why make Honor Magic Watch 2 your pick: Check on Flipkart or View on Amazon India

  • If sport is the main part of your fitness mantra, this watch is the one you can look out for. With 15 modes built-in, not only is the range pretty wide but also comes with voice guidance.
  • You can store a series of personalized photos and the watch face maps to it, every time your lift your wrist.
  • The straps are comfortable and come in different colors for smaller wrists. The trendy look and feel do score a point.
  • Splash around in the pool without a worry as this comes with a 5ATM rating.
  • Comes with two buttons designed to handle different tasks.
  • Sensors have proved to be accurate.

What you should be careful about:

  • There have been complaints about downloading watch faces via the app, though a quick browse through the internet gives you the exact procedure to do it. Combability with one plus does have its hiccups.
  • Though the call function is a big boon, some users find the lack of texting a hindrance at times.
  • Sometimes the button positioning can cause it to move accidentally.

2) Fitbit Versa 2 (Second Best Smart Watch Around 15,000 Rupees)

FitBit Versa 2 - FitBit can be day long buddy handing out information to you which you want at your fingertips. It not only feeds you data, but also uses your voice commands to do as you bid. No, it is not a genie but has a built-in Alexa. The information display is facilitated by large AMOLED screen.

Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate & more

Why make FitBit Versa your pick: Check on Flipkart or Check on Amazon India

  • If music defines your day, then this is a good option as you can not only store up to 300 + songs but also control Spotify and Deezer.
  • With this device tracking your steps, calories burnt, distance, can you afford to ignore your fitness goals? No way!
  • It tracks your heartbeat rate, sleep parameters and derives a sleep score. So even if this little device cannot solve your problems, it definitely brings to your notice that whether your sleep pattern is peaceful enough or not.
  • The GPS ingrained into this is the same as in Versa and gives you a very similar performance.
  • Allows you to download a huge number of apps, so if you are the kind who reaches out to an app for every aspect of life, this becomes very handy.
  • The display is always on, making life easier but that also equates to more charging requirements.

What you should be careful about:

  • Ensure that the version of your mobile and its OS is compatible with the watch before buying, especially with respect to Alexa.
  • The accessibility of FitBit wallet in India and the function of premium features for a cost need to be clearly checked at the time of purchase.

3) OPPO Wi-Fi Smart Watch Below 15,000 Rupees

OPPO Watch - A watch that is designed to give you the high end feel and also keeps up to the name. The design is intended to emulate the apple smart watch which makes gives immense satisfaction for a customer segment. Runs on the Google’s wear OS but is also coupled with the in-house colour OS to give a vibrant feel from the display.

oppo smartwatch 41mm wifi smartwatch in India

Why make this Oppo Watch your pick: Check Price on Flipkart

  • Strap it on and have Google assistant at your beck and call. 
  • The watch comes in two size variants 41mm and 46 mm. 
  • The display gets a good score here, especially the one on the 46 mm. The curved AMOLED display is bright enough with no strain on the eye and comes with vibrant colors.
  • The inner engineering grabs attention as it runs on Wear OS, is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 and is quad-core. The RAM is 1Gb which boosts performance.
  • The monitoring and notification aspects come with a standard pick of features under its umbrella – Alarm, calendar, steps calories, heart rate and sleep monitoring. Though features are standard, the accuracy is more than standard and can be given a good rating.
  • Your fitness range does include walking, swimming and cycling.
  • With its connectivity options, your communication could never be wanting – Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi. Calls functions run on the Bluetooth corridor with the smartphone.

What you should be careful about:

  • There are not many third-party straps that are compatible with this.
  • The oxygen levels in the blood are not monitored which might be a preference considering the pandemic.
  • If you are into varied sports to keep fit and want them monitored, this cannot help you.

4) Huami Amazfit GTR 

Huami Amazfit GTR - The exterior design makes the statement first, as it is a good combination of the Boardroom and sports field look. With its 12 sports modes it could be your best fitness buddy complemented by the fact that is still lightweight and has a comfortable strap.

Huami Amazfit GTR 47 mm Smartwatch in India

Why make this Amazfit GTR your pick: Check Now at Flipkart & Amazon India

  • It comes with the same pixel resolution as iPhone 11 and this should give you a fair idea of good the display will be. It has been made scratch proof with corning gorilla glass and also hosts an anti-fingerprint coating.
  • The choice of watch faces can give a complete alternative look to your phone, based on the ambiance.
  • Even with the fitness tracking on, the battery backup runs solid like a marathon of 24 days and could go up to 74 days if you switch off Bluetooth and tracking ( But then it becomes an ordinary watch in that case).
  • Physical buttons are available for on/off and navigation purposes and on the whole the usage of this is pretty clean and does not haggle the user.
  • The fitness tracking and its sports range is what defines this watch a notch above the rest. 12 fitness modes (with GPS oriented monitoring) coupled with sleep and heart rate monitoring that give pretty accurate results could make worth the buy.

What you should be careful about:

  • This is for the fitness freak and not for those who want to communicate with the world only through their wrist. Message notifications are confined to viewing alone and all actions need to be taken from the Amazfit app on the smart phone.
  • You cannot make your personalized photos as your watch faces though Humai keeps loading the app with watch faces to make your pick.

5) HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Sport

HUAWEI Watch GT 2 - A watch that is worth shelling out your money for. This wearable, powered by an OS, an in-house release by Huawei boasts many features that can bring your life routine under your review. It goes one step further and detects the device is not being worn and suppresses the incoming call notifications.

HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Sport 46mm, 2 Weeks Battery, Music Playback, Answer Calls, Water Resistant, Heartrate Monitor

Why make this Huawei Watch your pick: Check Price on Amazon India

  • This watch has the good choice of sports activities and call functions. The availability of call function is becoming a norm rather than a luxury among the consumer segment and the speaker quality is quite appreciable.
  • Right from mountain tops to under water, it keeps going strong.
  • There is enough room (Stated to be 2GB) to keep your music vibes alive throughout the day.
  • The inhouse chipset has done wonders in making sure a 455 mAh battery lasts for two weeks.
  • A straightforward watch that ensures it really makes your day easier for you not only between sun rise and sun set but for 24 hours.
  • Though the OS is still not on par with the one used in Apple’s smart watch, it is for sure ranking better in performance than it did before.

What you should be careful about:

  • Since it is powered by the Huawei software, at the outset, not being able to download many apps, will seem a hindrance. That has been kind of balanced by watch itself sporting a wide range of features.
  • Display is not always on, but wakes up every time you lift your wrists. That is not a major hinderance, unless you are a very specific about it.
  • Some users feel that system performance could be faster, since when you are in a hurry, the watch reaction speed might seem slow. This is not a big cause for worry for your ‘normal’’ self-usage.

6) Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch - Running on its own Tizen OS, Samsung’s new smart watch, Galaxy is a road ahead compared to the gear S3. You can flaunt it as a top-notch classic watch and also savour the feature of a trendy smart watch. The rotating bezel makes its usage easier.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm Smartwatch in India

Why make this your pick: Check Price on Flipkart

  • Call connectivity is via Bluetooth and LTE, though the LTE version is yet to be launched in India.
  • Pretty rugged in and out of water, as it continues to monitor and tick while you might splash in the pool and absorbs shocks when playing outside.
  • Onboarded with multiple sensors, you can get data about your heart, sleep cycle, distance, steps and calories. 
  • The always on display mode does not remove the colour scale ensuring your watch faces do not lose their glamour.
  • The Bixby voice assistant can be used for some very basic functionality but remember it is not the google assistant or Alexa.
  • There is a plethora of fitness workouts to choose from – a whopping 43 modes, which is more than a full plate.
  • The multiple fitness features that work in conjunction with the app, also have different modes of tracking (Always, Frequently and never).

What you should be careful about:

  • The Tizen OS has put a cap on the number of apps it can pair up with so you need to keep a tab on that.
  • Though some people claim that it does feel lightweight, the general verdict is that it is not very light weight. So you need to check your personal comfort level on that.

7) LG W7 Smartwatch

LG W7 smart watch - If you want a blend of smart and classic concocted in the right way, this could be your choice. The W7 is more suited for the wardrobe of those who want comfort and style of a regular watch coupled with some additional features. Define your yourself and then make your pick.

Latest LG W7 Smartwatch with Swiss Effect WiFi

Why make this your pick: Check LG Watch on Amazon India

  • Your wrist can make a style statement, as this hybrid wearable, crafted from steel alone, hold true to its traditional values.
  • You can be well connected with the device as it comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocol options. 
  • If burning calories with constant advice is not your style of fitness, then this watch would sure suit your style.
  • It is well within your control if you want to flaunt the classic style or the sporty smart watch look.
  • Being powered by the Google OS, the google assistant is always there to serve you.
  • In spite not having a built-in GPS, it still gives you pretty accurate data. You can use the Wi-Fi and inbuilt google maps for easy navigation when you decide to step put.

What you should be careful about:

  • If it is hybrid, it is not obviously about the looks alone but also about the features hosted. Heartrate sensors have not been integrated, so if your workouts need to be monitored, this will not help.
  • Though the display is crisp play of colours, it could have fared better had it come with the Gorilla glass protection.

8) Mobvoi Ticwatch C2

Mobvoi Ticwatch C2 - This watch is worthy enough to get mentioned here as it is not only packed with features but with looks too. It comes with those features which make your life better and does them well. Though This watch was targeted at the premium consumer base, as long as it within your targeted budget, you should still go for it.

Mobvoi Ticwatch C2, Wear OS by Google in India

Why make this your pick: Check Price on Amazon India

  • This watch is good mix of business looks and fitness needs. Premium looks have been ingrained along with the features that actually make it fall in the so-called ‘smart’ category.
  • Though it might seem to weigh a bit on your wrists, the rubber inside of the strap does not cause discomfort for your feel and the leather on the outside of the strap does not hamper the looks.
  • The dual-layer display is an attention catcher here as you can easily swap between the ‘ordinary’ and ‘smart’ looks.’
  • Connectivity has become the world’s new basic necessity and this comes loaded with many options, so you never feel disconnected – Bluetooth, Wi-FI and GPS.
  • The Google pay integrated into the watch makes payments a breeze.’
  • Your fitness carving has a wide platter to choose from. You can even opt for sport like skiing, beach basketball, Zumba, and Biathlon after strapping this on.

What you should be careful about:

  • There are other watches too, which offer the same features at a lower price range. So, you need to check on consumer preferences.

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