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Be it work, entertainment, education, or reaching out to family and friends, the internet has infiltrated our lives in all spheres.

best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 rupees in India

In this context, having the right gadgets which can deliver the best from the internet to you, without burning a hole in your wallet becomes very important. (After all, it is our basic right, isn’t it?). strives to deliver exactly this information to you and now we are zooming into the audio sphere.

Having a reliable wireless speaker definitely eases the way we connect to our devices and Bluetooth speakers reign in this domain, in spite of the advent of smart speakers which depend on a stable Wi-Fi.

Though Wi-Fi speakers have a higher audio fidelity because of larger bandwidth and can play on any device connected to the Wi-Fi, the presence of a Wi-Fi network is mandatory, while Bluetooth speakers can be paired with any other device (without relying on another external network) and with advanced battery capacity, you don’t have to worry about their charging.

After a deep dive into the chunk of Bluetooth speakers which cost below INR 1000, presents the list which is your one-stop shop to make your informed purchase. So first be informed that before you select a Bluetooth speaker, you should be wary of the following.


This is a bird’s eye view if you want a quick check before delving into details. (This order is not indicative of ranking)

1) Sound One Shell


When you shell money from your pocket, the maximum value is what is expected, whatever the price range. To gratify that expectation in you, Sound one Shell is there in the market with many features bundled into this price.

Sound one shell with its cool rugged design serves its purpose within and outside your walls. Running on blue tooth version 5.0, this durable shell is complemented by great connectivity and sound audio performance.

Its 1200mAh battery keeps going strong for 6 to 7 hours. With 5W output, deep bass stereo sound, music ripples out even at high volume with low distortion. With a playing time of 8 hours this also a great choice when you want to lounge around near any water source (IPX5).

Now getting back to features, you get volume control, hands-free call control, multiple inputs (Wireless, Aux and USB) and play/pause of tracks - and well they are all very much on this little compact pocket piece.


2) Mi Compact 2:

Precious things come in small packages and this little piece of beauty comes loaded with more than such a size can normally offer. 

The run of the mill opinion would be that bigger speakers top in sound quality and this speaker has gone a notch above that to prove this wrong. With an audio frequency range stretching from 200 Hz to 20K GHz, Xioami has doctored in good acoustics engineering within this size. Deploying superstring neodymium magnets to create awesome speakers has paved the way for the drum beats, acoustic instruments and vocals to sound their best. Having stated that, you must also keep in mind that such a size has does have its limitations when playing bass.

Volume control at the speaker level is not available. When hooked to this blue tooth speaker, the hindrance of having to reach out for the phone every time, for volume control has not trickled into the aspect of handling calls. With an integrated microphone for calls, you can go hands-free.

Creates an audio impact indoors and only connects through Bluetooth but works well with mobile, TV, computers and other devices.

Runs on blue tooth version V4.2 and has a maximum playback time of 6 hours.

3) Artis BT 08:

With the education sector moving into the internet, online classes demand good and at the same time low budget speakers. Artis its range to pick from and one such stand out is ARTIS BT08.

It comes adorned with multiple inputs like Bluetooth, AUX and TF card reader, providing the flexibility of connections. Within 10 meters, appreciable sound quality and bass is better than expected for this size. Though it might not be the best choice for a crowded room, a good choice for your own space as you turn into a relax mode.

With 3W RMS output lasting for 4 hours and standby time of 20 hours, the flip side is it takes a couple of hours to charge. Track and mode controls have been included for ease of operation and it would have been complete if volume control had also been included.

Its cool design and portability packaged at this price make it a good choice. Available in two color options, black and white, some find it useful for meditation too which speaks by itself. Runs on Bluetooth version 4.1

4) BoatStone 170: 

Reclining at the poolside with some great music is one sure way to unwind and not having to worry about your Bluetooth speaker being damaged from water spray complements the scene.

With water resistance level of IPX6, Boat Stone has come up with another worthy launch – BoatStone 170. Another ace up its sleeve is the huge battery capacity (1800mAH) which can keep your music going for 6 hours. 

Certain aspects of life look good both on the inside and outside and this one is such. Coming in a myriad of colours to choose from, it is also a rugged durable piece that suits any ambience. The booming bass reverberates in the air because of its premium HD sound. The beauty of the music lies in the experience than the nuances of the creation itself and BoatStone 170 can be a good accompaniment for that.

Hook two pieces together for the stereo effect and set the ambience right for the party night. Runs on Bluetooth 4.2 and comes with SD card slot. Control the rhythm with onboard buttons.


5) Infinity JBL Fuze Pint: 

Fits like a glove – This expression is apt for the Fuze pint from Infinity because is actually fits into your glove. With its sound waves slicing across the room, it is a big power that can be packed into your pocket.

This is a petite bundle from JBL is a preferred choice for this who love to enjoy musical vibes in their personal space. Allows you to go hands-free when handling calls, though the same cannot be said for volume control as you need to move to the connected device for that. Speaking of connections, these sports only Bluetooth. 

Its dual equalizer for deep bass is welcome by many but that distort certain instruments at full volume. Your genre of music you enjoy plays the role here. It is not water-resistant and you need the higher version of Fuze Pint to splash around in the pool with a speaker nearby.

Integrates with Siri or Google Now and the world opens to you from where you sit. You need to watch out when sometimes clicking the deep bass button triggers voice assistant.

6) Zebronics Zeb County:

Why settle for a few meters when we can connect across hundreds of kilometres! Guess Zebronics has this in mind when engineering the county blue tooth speakers and doctored in the FM radio function too.

‘Solid and cute’ is the description users give this diminutive speaker available in multiple colors. With a 3W output, the bass might sound bit low but vocals are lucid and this speaker allows details in the music to unfold across the range.

Though specification state 10 hours back up time, the county users speak otherwise. It becomes so handy when features like volume control, call functions, multiple input options (AUX, USB and SD card) all adorn this little device and are accessible from your pocket. It is slightly hard on the hand though. You can use it outdoors but is not resistant to water.

The FN radio connectivity is welcome by music buffs, but this cannot replace proper FM radio, because the scanning is done by the USB in this.

7) iBall Musi Play A1:

iBall Musi Play is more than a rainbow dancing on Bluetooth 5.0. Yes! Because this cool box comes in 12 different colours.

The smooth rubber finish provides it with the durability especially required for small speakers. This is actually a fully loaded package donning many features. HD sound quality and augmented bass, a couple for both FM and device connected music.

Apart from Bluetooth 5.0, it plays from micro SD card. Good enough for small rooms and personal use. Ease of use determines a lot in today’s fast-paced world and so the single button to take or receive calls is a boon for many. The volume control buttons are also a touch away.

A charming gift option, especially for those who relish music and the colours would sure create a great impression. Very compact and portable and a good to have design piece on your table for the feel-good factor. 

Music waves out at 3W and the package comes along with the charging cable. There is no voice distortion at maximum volume, though maximum volume is not high enough.

8) Photron 310 wireless:

This 70 mm palm-held device comes with a 40 mm woofer and speaks more than its size. It is a notch above the rest for its sleek look, having been chiselled by CNC.

This professional piece is enticing for its looks and backlight but moves along a standard path. Inbuilt with the woofer, It has good bass. The upside is that it works with SD card which starts with a plugin. 

Features like Hands-free calling, aux input and TF card apart from Bluetooth are in its favour. High volume does not touch that high and is a great buy if you only want it in your personal confines and not have party plans with it. 

The backlight, of course, is a big advantage. This mini package works with many devices and is pleasant to have around.

F&D W4: (This was one was available till yesterday but now available now. Keep it in this document and can be loaded in the website when made available)

Some Creations are small and yet they make life go around – this miniature from F&D is one such piece with its 360-degree surround sound.

Running on blue tooth 4.0, this speaker is driven by a neodymium driver. Some users love having this tiny dynamite just for its booming bass that emanates from it. An LED indicator to show if the battery is low or whether its charging adds to its charm, though its lacks in full charge indicator.

This small size speaks loudly in its red and black colour variants and is very portable. Portability plays a strong determinant for those commuting long distances on public transport.

Keep in mind that you should not be charging using the phone charger or laptops, because though it will damage the charger over a period of time. 

9) HP MINI 300:


Any release from the house of Hewlett and Packard does come with its brand pride and so does this very portable HP mini 300 blue tooth speaker.

This midget speaker from HP keeps up the trend of speakers being very handy and portable. The ability to pop them into a bag or dangle them, the feel of having power in hands. Media, online education, TED talks and videos can now come along with you wherever you go.

This speaker shows its best face in the midrange volume. Available in three colours (Black, blue and red), it runs for 8 hours. Small easy to use buttons have been incorporated in the design, enabling you to take calls on the go in the hands-free mode.

Users vouch on this that they never watch any movie or listen to music unless the audio output is streamed into this.

No worries about venturing outdoors with this, as it remains dust-free, splash resistant and retains good battery life.


If you are a person who often moves to the ‘ Lets party tonight ‘ mode, you should be having this and at just the 1000 INR range. 

With its 10W output and 3D stereo effects and dazzling lights, it is great for a party within a room. Configured to run on Bluetooth 5.0 and designed for 2000mAH, this goes non-stop for 8 to 10 hours on one charge.

Though initially launched with the offer that 1 five star rating ensures 100 INR cashback, thankfully that has been withdrawn. Has multiple plugs in modes and ensures your ‘ME-TIME ‘is complete.

Surround sound has been made possible by passive radiators and full-range drivers. Though lights ultimately are to enhance the ornate, many love the flashing lights in two modes very attractive.

Media and call control features have also been onboarded. Some reviews have poured in that it does not come with the brand name. When hooked on via Bluetooth, the name clavier and not s^6should flash which confirms its authenticity.

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