Are you looking for the best true wireless earbuds below 2000 rupees in India? 

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best true wireless earbuds tws under 2000 rupees in India

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Today’s world revolves around how well gadgets fit into your lifestyle and has come a very long way from the time when new devices were occasionally released.

Now, some gadgets go beyond your imagination, as well as variants of the same device are available.

The plethora of choices might make the consumer feel great to start with but could also leave them a little apprehensive on which would be the correct choice.

Well, it is the same scenario when it comes to these tiny little gadgets that have become a part of many people’s auditory system now - The True Wireless Earbuds TWS.

Even before people realized that such devices are there to enhance your life’s listening skills, the market seems flooded with various brands. has already delved deep into them and is here to present which one fares best!! Read on and make your ultimate pick!

1) boAt Airdopes 171

Boat has become a name to reckon with now, and most of their products make their signature statement. The same holds true for boAt Airdopes 171, which was an immediate success as soon as it was launched.

boAt Airdopes 171 earbuds below 2000 rupees

‘Ear’lights of the product: Pros

  • These earbuds come in three really cool colours and the matt finish envelopes them with a real new-gen look.
  • Voice assistant makes it truly hands-free.
  • Noise cancellation is an excellent feature to look out for in this model.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android.

With single speaker in each bud, 6mm driver and advanced audio coding digital audio suppression it delivers your audio vibes as well as your calls with clarity.

In the battery aspect, the playback time of 3 hours and 13 hours in the case gives you quite a bandwidth. Care has been taken to craft it aesthetically as well as ergonomically because however well an earbud functions, it is not going to sit well with the consumers if it is uncomfortable to wear.

Many users found no discomfort even after few hours of usage as it is lightweight. Indian Sultry summers do not deter its performance as it is rated at IPX4 – sweat and water-resistant.

There are multiple options to manage your device using the tap and this device runs on Bluetooth 5.0

Points that Dip: Cons 

  • Bass is at a decent level, and no ‘Extra’ bass is not available.
  • The range is not ok beyond 3 m but works beautifully within that range.

2) Portronics Harmonics Twins Mini POR-325

These little earbuds are here to stay as evident from the way. New launches are happening. The comfort of not having to hassle over wires, as well as have something small enough that does not hinder you in any way is paved way for its outstanding sales. Twins mini from Portronics is a top contender in this list.

Portronics Harmonics Twins Mini POR-325 below 2000

‘Ear’lights of the product: Pros

  • Truly wireless experience weaved with extra bass.
  • Smart case which indicates when charging is done.
  • Up too 33 feet of wireless connect.
  • Runs on an advanced chipset which give you an excellent performance.
  • Four sizes available – after all, not all ears are same!

The power consumption design is what stands out in this product as it can run non stop for 9 hours on one charge. The colour choices are really trendy and will tempt you to flaunt it.

Very robust as they have survived many drops by the customers. They can produce the required stereo effect but note for this, there is a particular way in which it has to be set.

Very easy on the ears and lighter than the Portronics TWINS version but this min version comes with button clicks rather than the soft touch of its predecessor.

Step out into the heat or light rain as it is rated at IPX6.

Points that Dip: Cons

  • It would have been great if noise cancellation had been doctored into the design because, during calls, voice sounds like it comes from the background.
  • The quality of the plastic could have been better.

3) WeCool Moonwalk M1 True Wireless Earbuds

With remote working becoming the norm and will continue to do so, multitasking is also becoming imperative.

With back to back calls, wireless devices have become a boon and that consequentially calls for increasing quality. In this line comes Moonwalk from WeCool.

wecool moonwalk earbuds under 2000

‘Ear’lights of the product: Pros

  • Cool design looks just right for the new gen crowd as well as your ears.
  • Being Anti-Fall and comfortable to wear makes it an ideal companion for jogging skating and many other outdoor activities.
  • Noise cancellation works great.

This little device does justice to performance in a big way. Bluetooth connectivity, Audio clarity, Bass levels, Material quality and looks have all been engineered to provide the best optimal experience to the end-user.

The right and left side are more voice indicated rather than figure indicated, and this is boon, or bane depends on a personal choice.

The noise cancellation is very good which is something you need to be cautious while using it during driving on highways, fast lanes, accident-prone zones or mountain curves, as you can miss horns or upcoming traffic.

Gives 4 to 5 hours of playback on 50 minutes charge. The stereo effect is a real standout and can be paired in one earbud as well. Runs on Bluetooth5.0 which means it can handle auto-pairing. Voice assistant is supported, which makes takes convenience to another level.

Points that Dip: Cons

  • Though it is sweat resistant, it is not water-resistant.
  • Long calls can drain the battery.

4) Xempt Bazzpod Bean True Wireless Earbuds

Multiple products may grace the market, but there are few who make a mark with the consumers purely based on their experience.

This ergonomically designed ear beans, sports many features that make listening to a truly a wireless and hands-free experience.

Xempt Bazzpod Bean earphones 2000 rupees

‘Ear’lights of the product: Pros

  • Ear pods can be used in the stereo mode or can be used as a monopod.
  • The case itself is a power bank extending the charging availability by 30 hours.
  • LEDs clearly indicate charge status, which proves to more than just useful in our hectic schedules.
  • Is designed for three different size ear tips, because like music taste varies, so do ear shapes.

With its catchy design, these bean pods are worth taking a look at and are here to make their mark. Very handy to use as many functions with predefined press options are available in both side of the earbuds.

Both functioning as masters places them at a great advantage. Battery aspects go above a notch with 8 hours of playback time as well as three times additional backup from the charging case. Bass stands out even at half volume.

Points that Dip: Cons

  • Connection drop problems happen between rooms.
  • Rated at IPX4 and is resistant to sweat but not so resistant to water

5) Zebronics Sound Bomb

Zebronics has been making waves in the audio Eco System, and one of the waves to hit the market is these sound bombs. Their deep bass gives expression to their name.

Zebronics Sound Bomb Earbuds around 2000

‘Ear’lights of the product: Pros

  • Three colours that look really, class
  • A touch that can activate your voice assistant.
  • The deep bass effect.
  • Cool lights on the case to indicate charge status.

These EarPods are very handy and comfortable to wear that soon they become a part of your attire. The case is very compact and doubles as a power bank.

Touch sensors manage your functions smoothly, and you can also seamlessly move to the voice assistant. This runs on Bluetooth 5.0, and user experiences vouch for good voice clarity mingled with deep bass.

No worries with regard to sweat and water as It can withstand both. For music lovers, most ranges of audio vibes are covered without glitches

Points that sip: Cons

  • Material quality could have been better.
  • Connectivity stability sometimes staggers beyond a range.

6) Noise Shots Nuvo

Nuvo from Noise is a quick shot model that removes any last-minute worries on the charging aspect.

For those who adhere to hectic schedule, this can prove to be a blessing, as with 10 minutes charge it provides 80 minutes of usage.

Noise Shots Nuvo earbuds under 2000

‘Ear’lights of the product: Pros

  • Quick Charging
  • Ergonomic design with in-ear silicon slips
  • 32 hours of total playback time.

Noise has really called the shots this time with Nuvo. 

The product that performs what it has been intended. Sleek design, comfortable seating within the ear and is good enough for workouts and to be used in light rain.

With the case housing an 800mAH battery, you can rely on 32 hours of charge time. These tiny devices are lightweight but that also stems from the plastic that is used.

For audiophiles, music is good even below 50% volume, but the flip side is that bass tends to drop. Connectivity runs on Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures auto-pairing but performance is only average when it comes to holding on.

Points that Dip: Cons

  • Bluetooth connectivity drops at certain ranges and demands raise in voice volume during calls.
  • Material quality should have had a higher bar.

7) Redmi Earbuds S

Some products are designed to catch your attention when your purse strings get a bit tight. These buds are proving to be a good choice when the need to go wireless is necessitated.

The additional highlight is that it comes with a low latency gaming mode.

redmi s earbuds under 2k

‘Ear’lights of the product: Pros

  • Good budget option
  • Deep Bass design.
  • Suitable for gaming as it has low lag.

These earbuds can keep your music vibes tapping well, as they are engineered with 13mm driver, with deep bass effect. The higher notes and vocals are delivered with quality.

Battery life is pretty decent with 3 hours on a single charge and 15 hours when housed in the case.  For game lovers, it would be a good aid, as the low latency reduces the lag.

Sweat and water-resistant, so no hassles in using it outside or during workouts. Also houses the Siri voice assistant, so you can be hands-free too. Comes only in black, so no colour choice for the Gen Z groups. All functions are handled via clicks.

Points that Dip: Cons

  • Comes with a micro-USB port for charging rather than the C port which is becoming a standard today.
  • No optical sensor for in-ear detection. So, once it is removed, the pairing has to be manually deactivated.

8) Boult Audio AirBass Propods

With the gaming always on high demand, so are its accessories. After all, it is the final experience that gets etched in memory. 

Boult air pods have been launched to give that real audio feel during the gaming.

Boult airpods under 2000 rupees

‘Ear’lights of the product: Pros

  • For hard core gamers, great choice because of its ultra-low lag.
  • Tapering ensures a comfortable fit into your ears.
  • Can be used in the mono and stereo modes.

In this price range, it is an advantage that it comes with a 10mm driver, giving some good music time. Passive noise cancellation is an added plus.

Sound quality and bass levels fare well and buds have to be positioned properly for the full impact to be felt. Is accompanied by Google assistant, which opens up the world to you but it takes some time before you get acclimatized to which touch triggers what.

Connectivity has to be proved to be good in comparison with other models in a similar price range. Runs on Bluetooth 5.0 and pairs automatically and quickly.

Water-resistant is pretty good as it functions undeterred within a meter deep of water and the company also claims that you can wash them!

Points that Dip: Cons

  • The function changes are implemented via touch control; many not be a smooth experience.
  • Full volume brings in a certain amount of sounds buckling, but use of volume for earpods is not common and also not recommended, considering that we are already residing in a noise polluted world.

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