This post includes our list of the 10 Best portable Bluetooth wireless speakers under 2000 Rupees from top brands in India.

best portable bluetooth speakers under 2000 rupees in India

The world opens at a click and yes, the problem is the entire world opens these days. There are a plethora of choices facing you and the flip side is that this could also be a hurdle.

We spend a lot of time surfing between the ranges trying to make the best optimal buy and the icing on the cake is the many related ads that keep interrupting us.

Roaming the virtual world has become inevitable in today’s routine life and lays the foundation for future growth.

The substandard quality of the involved media creates a lot of hiccups in this sphere and is imperative that the best is reaped at the corresponding price ranges.

In this context, Bluetooth speakers have gone from being "a nice to have gadget" to "a basic necessity".

Top 10 Best Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Under 2000 Rs in India has run its gears across many Bluetooth speakers and derived this list, to make your virtual life simpler for you. Check out these 10 best portable Bluetooth speakers that you can buy under Rs. 2000 in 2021.

You need not waste time, roaming the electronic alleys hunting for a Bluetooth speaker under INR 2000.

1) JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic


This release from JBL can be called the pocket release because not only does it fit into your pocket for portability, it also fits into your pocket money, which makes a huge difference for the student community. This JBL GO has arrived in a splash of colors, allowing you to make your unique statement.

Features of JBL GO

Frequency - 180Hz – 20KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth, AUX

Water Resistance - No

Battery life - 5 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 3W

Bluetooth version - 4.1

Highlight feature - Noise cancellation

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This speaker connects via Bluetooth and aux. The Bluetooth is enabled by a simple click and the aux input increases the range of devices that can be connected to it. It runs for 5 hours nonstop.

Not only does it support hands-free calling but its noise cancellation feature enables you to enjoy a hassle-free call. 

Very handy and is designed with a rubber finish that stays firm even when dropped on rugged terrains. So it is good for outdoors as long as you don’t get aqua friendly.

JBL does claim to have a sound signature on this which is normally big and loud but this is not party material.

Enhanced features always speak for the brand and a single click will integrate your JBL GO with a voice assistant. So your virtual world comes along with you, nonstop.

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2) Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum 4.2 Stereo Speaker


Termed ‘Little powerhouse ‘by its manufactures, this ‘percussion’ speaker from Portronics, can be your best outdoor mate.

Features of POR 871

Frequency - 20Hz – 20KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth, AUX, USB

Water Resistance - Yes ( IPX6)

Battery life - 7 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 10W

Bluetooth version - 4.2

Highlight feature - Double Speaker & inbuilt FM

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This wireless drum has been engineered to make you worry less. With two 5W speakers facing away from each other, it ripples out audio waves with no distortion even at high volume.

Gives you a 360-degree surround effect and fits like a glove into your palm, making it very easy to carry around.

Dust and water splashes will not deter its performance as it is certified IPX7. (Of course, you can’t immerse it in water, which I assume you will anyway not do after spending your hard-earned money on it!)

Volume control, taking calls, Bluetooth connectivity is all hassle-free as they can be done by the click of a button.

Can also be hooked to voice assistants and also doubles up as your phone charger with USB. You can also tune into your favourite FM station though but the radio experience might not be the same for all.

So use this drum to beat away your blues. Check More Details about JBL Go Speaker at Amazon India with a click.

3) Blaupunkt BT52 10 W Portable

As the name suggests this has a solid vintage look and also gives solid sound vibes. There are many moments in life when you need something solid to rely on and after all, Blaupunkt has been around since 1924.

Features of Blaupunkt BT52

Frequency - 65Hz -18KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth, AUX, micro SD, TF cards

Water Resistance - Yes ( IPX4)

Battery life - 7 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 10W

Bluetooth version - 4.2

Highlight feature - Double passive radiators & FM

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This Bluetooth portable gives you a good sense of balance indoors and outdoors.

Sound waves slice across small rooms, with the bass neither too low nor do they blast your eardrums off. 

The 10W stereo output from the two subwoofers and one speaker make it a great choice for chill-out parties, family picnics, or candlelight dinner with a low music ambience.

Rated at IPX4, you need not be too cautious about water splashes or dust infiltration. Though it has been built solid for rugged use, the fabric in the front could have been engineered using a grid to complement it 100%.

Size is portable and though intended to be lightweight, it can make its presence felt while running (This matters only for those who carry their speakers in the pockets and actually run for some purpose)

Built-in FM makes it a standalone device for music lovers. Multiple feed options, reachable buttons for media control, hands-free calling have all been doctored in to make your life a little more facile.

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4) iBall Musi Bar High Power Compact Soundbar

The sense of freedom that the advent of mobile phones bought to the common man has been strengthened by the presence of Bluetooth speakers. This power-packed slim dude, enhanced with features, goes beyond the norm and can make your signature statement.

Feature of iBall Musi Bar

Frequency - 100Hz -18KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth, AUX, micro SD, FM

Water Resistance - No

Battery life - 15 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 10W

Bluetooth version - 4.2

Highlight feature - 15 hours payback time & Remote

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This audio bar comes equipped with a range of options to hook with various devices and the additional boost to your experience is provided by the 15 hours of playback time. 

With its powerful 10W output, it is your best buddy indoors, though Bass could be average, as the lower range does not go below 100Hz. Full volume does not hinder the music quality.

The design has done full justice to the term ‘hands-free’ as it comes with media control buttons, call pickup, and reject buttons as well as a remote for the same.

So you can in the true sense curl up in your couch, without moving an inch to control your media or calls.

Being very lightweight and small ensures it becomes your travel buddy too!

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5) boAt Stone 200

Grab this little power box and you are all set for your favourite activity under the sun- be it swimming, hiking, picnicking, or running. Good music vibes elevate the feel-good quotient, when outdoors and this stone from boAt provides exactly that.

Features of boAt Stone 200

Frequency - 180Hz -20KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth

Water Resistance - Yes( IPX6)

Battery life - 10 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 3W

Bluetooth version - 4.1

Highlight feature - Best for outdoors

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Has engineered to keep going strong when splashed with water or dust and designed with a matte finish to absorb shock. Many hikers even in snow and rain vouch for this beast.

Precious things come in small packages so does this little devil. Though the lower range does not hit below 180Hz, bass, midrange, and treble have been orchestrated to give a great auditory experience.

This runs only on a blue tooth which demands the source device also has that capability. With an average use of three hours per day, the charge lasts for around a week.

Don’t worry about running every time for media or call control, because they can all be done from this stone itself. 

The beep sounds as it nears low battery or upper sound limits might irksome.

Comes in a tri-colour range so that dash of colour can brighten up your desk. View boAt stone 200 wireless speakers on Amazon.

6) Logitech X50 Wireless Speakers

Certain creations don’t go beyond but do what they have to do well and this little piece from Logitech does exactly that.

Features of Logitech X50

Frequency - 132Hz -20KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth, AUX

Water Resistance - No

Battery life - 5 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 3W

Bluetooth version - 4.1

Highlight feature - Very Compact

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Wireless freedom always gives you additional power in your hands especially when you are on the move. This little beauty comes not only with great looks but is also packed with good audio engineering.

The clarity in sound from this cookie size speaker would actually be a surprise to first-time users. The music stays lucid through the entire range.

The 3.5 mm audio jack allows it to be connected to various devices. In the context of doing its job well, it will be your job to accept or reject calls from the connected device as it cannot be done by the speaker. Volume control is still at the speaker level.

Splashed along a range of colors, it is definitely a superb gift choice. Check more details on Amaozn India

7) Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker

Mivi Roam’s audio dynamics makes its presence felt after it is powered on because otherwise, it is small enough to fit into your palm. Once the sound waves ripple out, they for sure dominate the ambience.  

Features of Mivi Roam Wireless Speaker

Frequency - 132Hz -20KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth, AUX

Water Resistance - Yes ( IPX 67)

Battery life - 6 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 5W

Bluetooth version - 5.0

Highlight feature - Sound and feature-packed dynamite

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Techy gadgets are on the rise with the base intent being to make your lifestyle run with ease. This Mivi Roam has been literally designed around this intent and comes fully loaded. 

With eye-catching statement colors, it runs nonstop for 6 hrs indoors and outdoors. It does not get damaged by dust or water splashes and continues to exude music at 5W with clarity.

Bass quality is not distorted at full volume and two can be hooked on for a stereo effect and keep tapping your feet to the rhythm.

Media and call control buttons are at your hands reach. An additional feather in its cap is that it comes with a neat soft grip band. So just hook it on your bag and you are all set to go.

Runs on Bluetooth 5 and also can be connected via aux. Click to view more details on Amazon India

What you need to watch for is that it does not start automatically when connected via aux cable and also 20 min of idle time with blue tooth connectivity could shut it down.

8) Boltt Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500

For many, the joy of music lies in music waves gliding around them. So even if music is created with the very same intention, the devices that deliver them should be along the same lines.

Features of Boltt Fire-Boltt Explode Speaker


Frequency - 180Hz -20KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth, AUX, SD card slot

Water Resistance - Yes ( IPX 7)

Battery life - 8 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 5W

Bluetooth version - 5.0

Highlight feature - Surround effect and great sound acoustics.

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This is a fire-bolt bundled with various acoustic dynamics. Comes with solid looks and solid performance, within and outside your personal space.

You can drown yourself in the surround effect coming from its mesh design and hook two together for the stereo experience.

This is all-weather proof and is certified at IPX7 and so no hassles from water or dust. Adding to the comfort zone is the hands-free calling and media control available at the speaker.

Superior sound quality and clear bass make it a solid buy, though the bass may not hold at the maximum volume.

They have gone one step ahead and also provided the boltt app for an additional entertainment experience. Check more pictures on Amazon India

9) Portronics Dynamo

The consumer mindset is the most dynamic of the tech arena as features that were looked upon in awe a year back soon become commonplace. 

Looks, colors, features, durability, and audio dynamics are expected to be doctored into your palm-size device. And so this dynamo tries to match your expectations.

Features of Portronics Dynamo Bluetooth Speaker

Frequency - 160Hz -160KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth, USB, FM

Water Resistance - yes

Battery life - 12 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 5W

Bluetooth version - 5.0

Highlight feature - Light weight and long play time.

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Weighing just 266 gm. this is a dynamo in a true sense. Maintaining stability even at the highest volume, you can hook two together for the party night which needs a stereo effect.

Picking your calls or rejecting them in between your media entertainment is a breeze and so is the volume control. 

You can lounge at the poolside with this as it is water splash proof but don’t jump in two swims with this. 

Classy looks and colors add to its beauty. The absence of a blue tooth device need not cap your music craving the FM and USB connection are immediately available to keep the vibes flowing.

All the above hold value only when the bass and mid-range ripple across the air with clarity and this dynamo does exactly that. Check more details on Amazon India

10) Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 

Small, rugged, splash and dustproof and long-lasting: The reigning parameters of outdoor speakers have been engineered into this mini speaker. Plugin and step out.

Features of Mi Outdoor Wireless Speaker


Frequency - 20Hz -20KHz

Connectivity - Bluetooth

Water Resistance - Yes ( IPX5)

Battery life - 20 Hrs.

Speaker output power - 5W

Bluetooth version - 5.0

Highlight feature - Voice assistant integration and one key call function

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Music at the entire human hearing range emanates from this speaker, ensuring you don’t miss a beat. Bass and treble keep the audio experience at great levels.

It is not deterred by water or dust and becomes your perfect companion for trekking or hiking and can go longer than you can, as it runs for 20 hours on a battery charge.

This little beast just seamlessly integrates with a voice assistant and also can be connected simultaneously to the laptop and mobile phones. All under 1500 rupees.

A single touch can take from your music to your calls. View Mi Portable Speaker on Amazon

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